Best forex brokers for news trading in 2023

Trading the news is a popular strategy and requires a specific type of broker. This guide compares and reviews the best forex brokers for news trading.
Updated: Jun 2, 2023

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Our trading experts have investigated the best forex brokers for news trading, and you can find out which trading platform rank best in this guide. Read on to learn more about forex news trading and which brokers our experts recommend. 

Best 7 forex brokers for news trading overall

  1. eToro: Best for beginners, copy-trading & demo-account
  2. Capitality: Best for trading like a pro

What are the best news trading forex brokers?

If you want to start trading the news, you can use any of the forex trading platforms below. All of these forex market trading platforms have been selected by our experts and are perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Click on any of the links to get started in minutes, or keep scrolling to learn more about each one. 

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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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Top 7 forex brokers for news trading, reviewed

Below are reviews for the best forex brokers for trading the news. Each forex trading platform below has been selected by our team of forex traders and are the top places to trade forex news.

1. eToro. Best for beginners, copy-trading & demo-account


No. assets


Minimum deposit


Platform type

Pros & Cons

Popular ‘Copytrader’ function so users can follow top traders Mobile platform has great functionality Minimum first time deposit of $200 Expedient customer service, with live chat support provided Over 2,000 CFDs available to trade
Does not provide the MetaTrader platform High spreads on some assets Comparatively high fees for withdrawals and account inactivity


We love eToro because it’s an easy place to trade the currency markets. Forex can be intimidating, but eToro strips back the complexity to give you a platform where you can trade 50+ currencies at competitive prices and with up to 30x leverage.

As well as being a broker that offers lots of investor protection, eToro offers a very social trading experience. You can easily see how all the major and minor forex pairs are performing every day, track how investors feel about every one of those currencies, and copy other people’s trade suggestions from your desktop or the eToro app.

The fees: eToro charges a fee on currency CFD trades through the spread. Spreads are variable depending on the currency and start from 1 pip for EUR/USD trades, 1.5 pips for EUR/GBP, and 2 pips for GBP/USD. Overnight and weekend fees apply.

77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

2. Capitality. Best for trading like a pro

capitality logo


No. assets


Minimum deposit


Platform type

Pros & Cons

Trade 2000+ CFDs in six markets Access institutional quality web trading platform Comprehensive market knowledge and education section
Unregulated offshore broker registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Relatively high initial deposit required


We love Capitality because it gives regular investors the means to trade with pro data and tools. Capitality offers 2100+ financial instruments, including 80 currency pairs. 

The Capitality web trading terminal gives you access to live market data, real time quotes, and super-fast trade execution, all without needing to download anything. There’s also a free economic calendar that lets you know when the big financial events happen so you can plan your trades accordingly.

The fees: Capitality charges its fees through the spread. Spreads start from 0.1 pips for major forex pairs but can be significantly higher for minor and exotic pairs.

What is a news trading forex broker?

It’s a forex broker that allows users to trade the foreign exchange market and take advantage of price movements caused by news releases. News trading forex brokers usually have fast execution speeds, low latency, and reliable platforms allowing traders to respond quickly to news events. 

How does a forex broker for news trading work?

A news event, such as an economic report or central bank announcement, can cause significant price movements in the currency markets. A news trading forex broker allows traders to take advantage of these movements by providing access to the market quickly and easily. 

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) platforms are usually the best forex trading brokers for news trading. These brokers provide direct access to the interbank market where banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions trade with each other. 

News forex trading brokers work just like any other type of broker, giving traders access to the currency market. Brokers act as a middleman, connecting traders to the market and facilitating orders. Brokers earn a fee for allowing trades on their platforms through either spreads or commissions. 

How should I choose a forex broker to trade the news?

Trading the news requires a specific type of broker and when it comes to choosing one, there’s a lot to consider. As news trading is so fast-paced, it is crucial to use a platform that has fast execution so that you don’t miss out on any trades. Here are a few other features to consider when choosing the best forex broker for news trading. 

Use a platform with fast execution speed

News trading is a fast trading style that often requires traders to make split-second decisions. A forex broker with fast execution speed is necessary for any trader wanting to trade the news. Fast execution means your trades will be processed extremely quickly. You can also find forex trading platforms that guarantee your order will be filled. 

Keep costs down with low spreads and commissions

The economic calendar is filled with scheduled news releases throughout the day and if you plan on trading lots of news events, costs can quickly add up. To save on fees, using a broker with low spreads and commissions is a good idea. Spreads, in particular, can be helpful when trading forex news, as a high spread can be the difference between getting filled or not. 

Find a forex broker that won’t requote

Requotes are when the price you want to trade at is not available and you are offered another price by your broker. The best forex brokers for news trading have a large pool of liquidity providers, meaning requotes are unlikely to occur, so it’s important to use a platform where requotes are unlikely. 

Use a forex broker with a good economic calendar

To stay up to date with the latest news releases, it is a good idea to use an economic calendar. These calendars have a list of all the major and minor news events occurring and you can easily stay on track of what the next release will be by using your broker’s calendar. Some brokers even let you integrate an economic calendar into your trading platform and offer advanced trading tools. 

An ECN forex broker is often the best option

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) forex trading platforms provide direct access to the interbank forex market, where banks and other financial institutions trade. Using an ECN means you’ll usually always have access to the best prices, fast execution speed, and low spreads. Although ECNs usually charge commissions.  

Should I use a forex broker for news trading?

If you trade economic news releases, using a forex broker for news trading is your best option. You can trade the news on any type of forex broker, but a broker that is specifically designed for news trading or has features that make it more suitable is the best way to trade forex news. 

News trading can be very difficult, so choosing the right type of broker is important. During times of news releases, volatility tends to spike, leading to high spreads and sometimes a platform can crash. The best forex brokers for news trading use advanced technology to ensure their platforms run smoothly no matter what the market is doing. 

What are the risks of using a news trading FX broker?

The main risk is losing money when you trade forex news. Trading the news in the forex market is difficult and prices can become extremely volatile, meaning you can quickly lose your money. Spreads often increase during a release and with some platforms, you may be offered requotes, meaning you won’t get the price you want. Here are a few of the pros and cons of news FX brokers. 


  • Trading the news provides lots of opportunities
  • You can practice on a demo account before risking real money
  • News is usually released on a schedule so you can plan your trading activity


What are the fees for using a forex broker for news trading?

The fees for using a news trading forex broker will vary depending on the platform you use. Generally, forex traders can expect to pay a spread (the difference between the buy and sell price of a currency pair), commission, or a combination of both. You also may encounter fees for using certain payment methods and access to advanced tools. 

Methodology: How did we choose the best forex trading platform for news?

Our forex market experts tested each platform on this page and scored each one for several features. The testing included opening an account, depositing funds, placing a trade, and withdrawing funds. We also looked at various aspects of each platform, such as spreads, commissions, payment charges, and other fees. 

Our evaluation was not solely based on our findings but also considered online reviews and research. You can find an in-depth analysis of each of the brokers we have included in our comparison guide. Our rankings are not influenced by any trading platform; however, we may receive a commission if you register an account using a link on this page. 

Please visit our full review process page for further information about our methodology.


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