Forex rates – currency pairs

Find the latest forex currency pair prices on this page. We have live rates for all the major, minor and exotic forex pairs, constantly updating so you are up-to-date information at your fingertips.

This page shows you the latest live rates in the currency market so that you can compare all of the pairs prices at any time of day. Look through the table below for the latest exchange rates, or keep reading to learn more about what to look out for and how to use it.

What are forex rates?

The price at which any currency pair is available to trade right now. Forex prices are listed in the format USD/GBP, where the former represents the ‘base’ currency and the latter, the ‘quote’ currency. The price simply means how much of the ‘quote’ currency (GBP, in this case) you need to exchange for one of the ‘base’ (USD).

This rates table includes all of the forex pairs that are available to trade right now. That means you can find all of the major, minor, or exotic pairs, so you’re set regardless of how you like to trade forex.

How do the rates work?

By displaying a live ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ price for each pair, along with any change in price from the previous day. Bid and ask simply represent the price at which you can buy and sell, respectively. The difference between the two is known as the ‘spread’ and it exists because that is how forex brokers make their money – by adding a small fee on top of the market rate.

These prices are taken from the live interbank rate, which is the value at which banks trade with each other. The price you pay with a broker is likely to be a little bit higher than what you see in the table, although exactly how different depends on the platform.

Why do I need to follow the live rates?

It’s the best way to track your favourite currencies and to see how current events are affecting their price in real time. It’s a good idea to use them alongside a forex calendar, where you can find out about any economic or country-specific data that has been released today.

By combining the two, you can track how different market events and financial news affects different currency pairs. That information can then inform your trading style, giving you insight into what to be prepared for and how to speculate on price changes ahead of future data releases.

Where can I learn more about forex?

Invezz is jam-packed with information to help you get started in foreign exchange. Learn how to invest in forex through our range of guides to each currency pair, or follow the latest forex news and analysis to see what’s affecting the market right now. Alternatively, choose one of the top forex trading courses for a step-by-step guide on how it all works.

Main Forex Rates

Find a list with the major and minor forex rates available on Invezz below: