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+85.73047 (0.2868795%)
Price open 29920.83
Previous close 29883.79
Day high 30110.88
Day low 29877.27
Year high 30116.51
Year low 18213.65


DJIA Index
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How are the stocks that make up the DJIA index selected?
How do I invest in the DJIA index?

Latest news

1st December
It’s official: Dow records best monthly gains since 1987 but what’s next?
29th November
Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq advanced on a weekly basis supported by the vaccine news
26th November
Dow Jones Hits Fresh Record Highs. Where next?
23rd November
The Dow Jones Industrial Average struggling at 30,000 resistance
15th November
Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq remain in a bull market supported by COVID-19 vaccine news
9th November
Warren Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway stock price rallies 7% on vaccine news and record buybacks
Name Dow Jones Industrial Average
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