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-244.58008 (-0.87656826%)
Price open 27864.87
Previous close 27902
Day high 27946.69
Day low 27487.97
Year high 29568.57
Year low 18213.65


DJIA Index
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How are the stocks that make up the DJIA index selected?
How do I invest in the DJIA index?

Latest news

31st August
What’s next for the market after the best August in years?
31st August
McDonald’s legal investigation expands beyond ex-CEO
26th August
A look at the energy sector after Exxon’s boot from the Dow
25th August
Exxon, Pfizer, Raytheon kicked out of Dow index: here’s why
15th May
Airline industry takes offense with Boeing CEO’s doom and gloom comments
8th May
U.S unemployment report fuels a 1.14% increase in the S&P 500 index
Name Dow Jones Industrial Average
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