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+177.09961 (0.6840416%)
Price open 25950.06
Previous close 25890.18
Day high 26109.49
Day low 25816.25
Year high 29568.57
Year low 18213.65


DJIA Index
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Latest news

15th May
Airline industry takes offense with Boeing CEO’s doom and gloom comments
8th May
U.S unemployment report fuels a 1.14% increase in the S&P 500 index
23rd March
London stocks slump as the UK resorts to countrywide lockdown to combat Coronavirus
19th March
Dow Jones loses 352 points and signals another day in the red zone for Wall Street
16th March
S&P 500 index loses over £1.6 trillion in value as Coronavirus threatens to push the global economy into recession
Name Dow Jones Industrial Average
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