Compare the best trading signals in 2022

Trading signals are an easy way to profit from the markets as long as you use a good service. This guide compares the best trading signals to help you choose the right one.
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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

New and experienced traders can use trading signals to boost profits. Our investment experts have tested and ranked the best trading signals around and you can read more about them in our in depth comparison below. 

What are the best trading signals?

If you’re ready to get started straight away you can check out the table below. It includes the best rated trading signal providers. Just click on any of the links to get started in minutes.

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Top trading signals 

1. Zen Trading Strategies: Best overall

Zen Trading Strategies is an algorithmic trading research firm that provides a range of services and tools. It specialises in strategies and trading signals and has a proven record of successful picks. On its website you can find its trading signal history which includes stocks, forex, and crypto. 

Some of the other services it provides are premium indicators for the TradingView platform. Each of its tools has been precisely designed for different trading styles like day trading, scalping, and swing trading. Its indicators can be completely automated providing trading signals around the clock.

Sign up with Zen Trading Strategies >


  • Trading signals history available 
  • Numerous customised tools 
  • Automated trading strategies
  • Trading signals are free


2. 3Commas: Best for cryptocurrency trading signals 

Our cryptocurrency experts picked 3Commas as the best trading signals for the crypto market. Like a lot of trading signal providers, 3Commas has fully automated the process of receiving a signal and placing a trade. Using its range of robots, users can simply download an application and link it to their trading account and the software takes care of the rest. 

Its automated trading tools operate on 18 exchanges including the big ones like Binance and FTX so you’ll have lots of options when it comes to using its robots. One of the best features of 3Commas is its free trial, where you can test out its services without parting with any money. Its monthly subscriptions offer a tired structure depending on the service you want.

Sign up with 3Commas >


  • Free trial
  • Fully automated trading 
  • Can link to 18 crypto exchanges
  • Ability to get trading signals from other users


3. Pips Alert: Best for forex trading signals 

Pips Alert provides trading signals for the forex market. It doesn’t offer any automated tools and operates as more of a traditional signal service where you are sent trade ideas ahead of time. You can receive its forex trading signals via SMS or through a desktop notification. Each signal includes the pair, entry price, stop loss price, and target price. 

The service includes a range of currency pairs including many of the majors and minors. On its website you are able to view its performance history and you can even view videos of trades in action. Another feature of Pips Alert is its forex trading course which is a free benefit for trading signal subscribers.

Sign up with Pips Alert >


  • Results available on website
  • Trading signals sent right to your mobile phone
  • Free forex trading course included 
  • Lots of positive reviews


4. Mindful Trader: Best for stock trading signals

If you’re interested in profiting from the stock market then you will find the Mindful Trader’s trading signals are a good option. The service is operated by a trader called Eric who provides data driven stock picks via his website. What’s great about the service is that all of its previous trading signals can be viewed, as well as a live equity curve. 

To use the service you’ll need to register with a broker that offers not only stock trading, but options and futures too. It can be accessed for a reasonable monthly subscription fee of $47 and you’ll also receive tutorials to learn Eric’s trading strategies if you want to trade for yourself. 

Sign up with Mindful Trader >


  • Historical performance available 
  • Live equity curve
  • Reasonable monthly fee
  • Cancel at any time


What are trading signals?

Trading signals are ‘tips’ that suggest when to buy or sell a certain asset. Trading signals can cover a range of assets or focus on just one. When using trading signals it’s important to make sure you go with a reputable provider. Using trading signals can boost your profits and are especially useful to beginners. 

How do trading signals work?

Usually a trading signal is sent to you via email or sms, although in recent times lots of providers now offer the ability to automate the process. When a trading signal is sent to you it will include the following information: Asset, buy or sell, entry price, stop loss, and target. Automated trading signals will automatically place a trade on your platform. 

How should I choose trading signals?

When it comes to choosing a trading signal provider there is one main aspect to consider and that is results. However, if you want to make the best decision there are a number of other factors you should take into account and below we’ve summarised them. 

  • Results. It goes without saying that you should only join a trading signal service if it is profitable. The best providers will have no problem with showing you their previous performance. It’s a good idea to avoid any service without any results. 
  • Cost. Most trading signal services offer monthly subscription fees, although some require a one time payment. When selecting a service pay attention to the fees and it’s not necessarily the case that the higher the fee, the more profits you will make. 
  • Verification. We’ve already mentioned that results are a top priority when selecting a service, but it’s much safer to choose a service that has its results verified via a third party. There are lots of applications that can do this to give you peace of mind. 
  • Reviews. Checking online reviews from other subscribers is a good way to understand how well a trading signal service operates. Honest reviews from other customers will let you know if results are true and what you can expect. 
  • Assets covered. Some services cover a range of assets while others will stick to just one or two. If you want trading signals for lots of different markets you should look for a provider that covers them all. 
  • Automation. An automated trading signal service can save you a lot of time and is a good choice to make sure you never miss out on a trade. Automated services also are helpful if you live in a timezone where you could be asleep when trades are sent. 

Should I use trading signals?

It will depend on your own circumstances and whether they are right for you. Beginners should certainly consider using trading signals as they can offer an easy way to make profits while still learning. Experienced traders could also use trading signals to increase their profits, or gain exposure to a market they currently do not trade. 

What are the risks of using trading signals?

The main risk of using trading signals is that you will lose your money. Although this risk can be suppressed if you go with a reputable provider. Below we’ve included some of the benefits and risks of using trading signals. 


  • You can make extra profits with very little work
  • Access to other markets 
  • It is easy to use trading signals
  • Trading signals can be automated


What are the fees for using trading signals?

Each trading signal service has its own fee structure so it will vary depending on the provider you choose. Usually you can pay a monthly fee to obtain the signals although some services require a one off payment. Generally trading signals cost anywhere from $25 per month to over $100. 

Methodology: How did we choose the best trading signals?

The list of trading signal services on this page was extensively tested by our trading experts. During testing we signed up to a service, used the signals, and evaluated customer support. We also checked if the signals we received were honestly reflected on the services’ website performance page. 

While comparing each service we used a combination of online reviews as well as our own research. Each trading signal service was ranked for a combination of factors. None of the services listed on this page influenced our comparison order. However on occasion we may receive an affiliate commission if you click on a link and register an account. 

You are able to view our full review process here


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