Joe Lewis net worth 2024: how rich is the British businessman?

Just how much is Joe Lewis worth? Learn more about Joe’s income, investments, and how Joe Lewis made his fortune.
Updated: Apr 19, 2024

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What is Joe Lewis’s net worth?

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Currently, Joe Lewis’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $6.2 billion. Here are some more personal stats about Joe Lewis.

Net Worth$6.2 billion 
ProfessionInvestor, Businessman
Source of WealthCurrency Trading, Investments, Ownership of Tavistock Group
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1937
Place of BirthLondon, England, UK
EducationLeft school at age 15

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Who is Joe Lewis?

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Joe Lewis is a British billionaire businessman and investor known for his success in currency trading and ownership of the Tavistock Group. 

He’s a reclusive figure who, despite his massive wealth, prefers to stay out of the limelight. Lewis has lived in the Bahamas as a tax exile since the 1970s and is known for his passion for art, owning a significant collection.

Joe Lewis has been married twice. He has two children from his first marriage.

How did Joe Lewis become rich?

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Joe Lewis built his fortune through a combination of savvy business ventures and highly successful currency trading:

  • Family Business: He began by taking over his family’s catering business, growing it into a successful enterprise that included restaurants and nightclubs.
  • Currency Trading: Lewis’s major wealth breakthrough came from currency trading. He made bold bets, notably shorting the British pound on Black Wednesday in 1992, a move that profited him immensely.
  • Tavistock Group: Lewis founded Tavistock Group, a private investment company with diversified holdings.

What makes up Joe Lewis’s fortune?

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Joe Lewis’s fortune comprises several key elements:

  • Tavistock Group: The core of his wealth is his majority ownership of the Tavistock Group, with investments in over 200 assets across various sectors, like real estate, sports teams, and energy.
  • Currency Trading: While less active now, his past success in currency trading was a big wealth generator.
  • Other Investments: Lewis might hold other investments in stocks, bonds, or alternative assets, but details are less publicly available.

What companies does Joe Lewis own?

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Joe Lewis’s primary ownership lies within the Tavistock Group. Some notable assets within this group include:

  • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club: Lewis was previously the majority owner but sold his stake in 2023.
  • Mitchells & Butlers: A major UK pub chain.
  • Lake Nona Realty: A Florida real estate development.
  • Numerous other holdings: within restaurants, energy, and various other sectors.

Joe Lewis net worth growth over the years 

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Joe Lewis’s annual income and financial position has fluctuated over the years. Here’s a look at how much Joe Lewis has been worth over the last twenty five years.

YearJoe Lewis net worth
2024$6.2 billion
2023$5.3 billion
2022$5.5 billion
2021$5.3 billion
2020$5.2 billion
2019$5 billion
2018$4.8 billion
2017$4.6 billion
2016$4.5 billion
2015$4.8 billion
2014$4.7 billion
2013$4.5 billion
2012$4.3 billion
2011$4 billion
2010$3.8 billion
2009$3.5 billion
2008$3.2 billion
2007$3 billion
2006$2.8 billion
2005$2.5 billion
2004$2.4 billion
2003$2.3 billion
2002$2.2 billion
2001$2.1 billion
2000$2 billion
1999$2 – $3 billion

What is Joe Lewis’s salary in 2024?

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Joe Lewis likely does not receive a traditional salary as his income is tied to investments and the success of his companies within the Tavistock Group.

How much money does Joe Lewis earn per year?

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Joe Lewis’s annual income fluctuates based on the performance of his investments and businesses. While substantial, pinning down an exact figure is challenging because of the varied and often private nature of his wealth.

How does Joe Lewis spend his money?

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Joe Lewis is known for his significant art collection, estimated to be worth over a billion dollars. 

He enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, owning multiple homes, yachts, and a private jet. Lewis is reportedly involved in philanthropy but  details of his charitable giving aren’t widely publicized.

Key takeaways about Joe Lewis, career highlights

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Here are some of the highs and lows of Joe Lewis’s career so far.

  • 1937: Born in London, England.
  • Leaves School: Drops out of school at age 15 to work in the family business.
  • Expands Family Business: Transforms the catering company, expanding into restaurants and entertainment venues.
  • Currency Trading Success: Begins currency trading, finding major success.
  • Founds Tavistock Group: Establishes private investment holding company.
  • Bahamas Residency: Becomes a tax exile, residing in the Bahamas.
  • Acquires Tottenham Hotspur: Purchases majority stake in the football club (Ownership has since ended).


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