Lori Greiner net worth 2024: how rich is the Shark Tank star?

Just how much is Lori Greiner worth? Learn more about Lori’s income, investments, and how Lori Greiner made his fortune.
Updated: Apr 24, 2024

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What is Lori Greiner’s net worth?

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Currently, Lori Greiner’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $150 million. Here are some more personal stats about Lori Greiner.

Net worth:$150 million
Profession:Entrepreneur, inventor, television personality, “Queen of QVC”
Source of wealth:Product inventions, “Shark Tank” investments, QVC sales, book deals
Date of birth:December 9, 1969
Place of birth:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Education:Bachelor of Arts (Communications – Journalism, TV, & Film), Loyola University Chicago

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Who is Lori Greiner?

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Lori Greiner is a prolific American entrepreneur, inventor, and television personality. Dubbed the “Queen of QVC” for her success on the home shopping network, Greiner is widely known for her role as a long-standing investor on the hit show “Shark Tank.”   

She is married to Daniel Greiner, and they don’t have children together.

How did Lori Greiner become rich?

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Lori Greiner’s path to wealth began with her talent for invention.  Her first major success was an earring organizer that became a retail sensation.  

This launchpad propelled her into further product development and sales through her company For Your Ease Only. Her strategic move into QVC sales significantly amplified both her product reach and profits.  

Greiner’s role on “Shark Tank” since its early seasons has further solidified her financial success.

What makes up Lori Greiner’s fortune?

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Lori Greiner’s fortune comprises several key elements.  Her company For Your Ease Only, responsible for the creation and distribution of her products, remains a significant income source.  

Investments made on the show “Shark Tank” are a growing contributor to her net worth.  Her recurring presence on QVC, book deals, and potential speaking engagements also add to her overall wealth.

What companies does Lori Greiner own?

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Lori Greiner’s primary company is For Your Ease Only Inc, through which she creates and markets her inventions. Her investments on “Shark Tank” give her a stake in numerous companies, and some notable examples from her portfolio include:

  • Scrub Daddy
  • Squatty Potty
  • Simply Fit Board
  • Sleep Styler

Lori Greiner net worth growth over the years 

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Lori Greiner’s annual income and financial position has fluctuated over the years. Here’s a look at how much Lori Greiner has been worth over the last twenty five years.

YearNet worth
2024$150 million
2023$150 million
2022$130 million
2021$110 million
2020$90 million
2019$80 million
2018$70 million
2017$60 million
2016$55 million
2015$50 million
2014$45 million
2013$40 million
2012$35 million
2011$30 million
2010$25 million
2009$20 million
2008$18 million
2007$16 million
2006$14 million
2005$12 million
2004$10 million
2003$8 million
2002$6 million
2001$4 million
2000$2 million
1999$500,000 – $1 million

What is Lori Greiner’s salary in 2024?

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Lori Greiner’s exact “Shark Tank” salary is confidential. Given her popularity and tenure on the show, it’s likely within the top tier of reality TV personalities.

How much money does Lori Greiner earn per year?

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Lori Greiner’s annual income extends beyond her “Shark Tank” salary.  Significant income flows from her QVC product sales, returns on her Shark Tank investments, and other potential endeavors like public speaking or book royalties. Exact figures can fluctuate year to year based on several factors.

How does Lori Greiner spend her money?

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Lori Greiner reportedly enjoys indulging in real estate, owning multiple properties.  Philanthropic activities are also likely an aspect of her spending, though the specific charities or amounts she donates may not be public. 

Additionally, typical with high-net-worth individuals, a portion of her wealth is probably dedicated to reinvestment for continued financial growth.

Key takeaways about Lori Greiner, career highlights

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Here are some of the highs and lows of Lori Greiner’s career so far.

  • Invented a best-selling plastic earring organizer.
  • Founded the company For Your Ease Only.
  • Became a star on the home shopping network QVC, earning the nickname “Queen of QVC”.
  • Joined the cast of “Shark Tank” as an investor in its early seasons.
  • Authored the book “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It!: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality”.
  • Has created over 700 products and holds over 120 US and international patents.
  • Actively involved in charitable and philanthropic causes.


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