Martha Stewart net worth 2024: How Rich is the businesswoman?

Just how much is Martha Stewart worth? Learn more about Martha’s income, investments, and how Martha Stewart made his fortune.
Updated: Apr 24, 2024

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What is Martha Stewart’s net worth?

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Currently, Martha Stewart’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $400 million. Here are some more personal stats about Martha Stewart.

Net worth:$400 million
Profession:Entrepreneur, author, television personality, home goods mogul
Source of wealth:Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, television, publishing, and merchandise
Date of birth:August 3, 1941
Place of birth:Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Education:Bachelor of Arts (History and Architectural History), Barnard College

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Who is Martha Stewart?

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Martha Stewart is an iconic American businesswoman, writer, and television personality.  

Renowned for her expertise in domestic arts like cooking, décor, and entertaining, Stewart built a media and lifestyle empire.  She famously served a prison sentence in 2004-2005 for charges related to insider trading.  

Martha Stewart was previously married to Andrew Stewart, and they have one daughter, Alexis Stewart.

How did Martha Stewart become rich?

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Martha Stewart’s path to wealth began with side ventures in catering and modeling while working as a stockbroker.  

The publication of her book “Entertaining” (1982) saw great success, launching a series of cookbooks and her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.  I

n 1997, she consolidated her media holdings into Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, going public in 1999.  Stewart’s company expanded into television, merchandise, and further amplified her status as a domestic lifestyle authority.

What makes up Martha Stewart’s fortune?

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Martha Stewart’s fortune stems from various aspects of her business empire. Her stake in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia formed a cornerstone of her wealth.

  While her holdings diminished after legal troubles and declining share prices, it still contributes to her net worth.  Ongoing television appearances, book publications, and brand partnerships are also likely lucrative income streams.

What companies does Martha Stewart own?

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Martha Stewart’s business holdings evolved significantly over time.  Her most famous venture, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, was sold to Sequential Brands Group in 2015. 

While no longer the direct owner, Stewart has maintained involvement in a creative consulting role.  She may have smaller equity stakes in various brands through licensing deals with the products bearing her name.

Martha Stewart net worth growth over the years 

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Martha Stewart’s annual income and financial position has fluctuated over the years. Here’s a look at how much Martha Stewart has been worth over the last twenty five years.

YearNet Worth
2024$400 million
2023$400 million
2022$350 million
2021$350 million
2020$325 million
2019$300 million
2018$280 million
2017$270 million
2016$260 million
2015$300 million
2014$320 million
2013$320 million
2012$330 million
2011$350 million
2010$400 million
2009$500 million
2008$550 million
2007$600 million
2006$650 million
2005$700 million
2004$750 million
2003$750 million
2002$720 million
2001$700 million
2000$680 million
1999$700 million – $1 billion*

What is Martha Stewart’s salary in 2024?

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Martha Stewart’s exact salary from her role with Sequential Brands Group remains confidential.  

Her compensation likely involves a base salary, potential royalties, bonuses tied to performance, and possibly stock options.

How much money does Martha Stewart earn per year?

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Beyond her consulting role, Martha Stewart has various other income streams. Television appearances, book sales, and product endorsements likely bring in additional revenue that varies year-to-year. 

It’s challenging to estimate an exact annual figure due to the diverse nature of her income.

How does Martha Stewart spend his/her money?

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Martha Stewart enjoys indulging in multiple luxurious properties, reportedly owning homes in New York, the Hamptons, and Maine.  

She’s also likely involved in charitable giving, though specific charities or amounts donated may not be readily disclosed to the public. 

As with other high-net-worth individuals, a portion of her wealth is likely dedicated to reinvestment and continued growth.

Key takeaways about Martha Stewart, career highlights

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Here are some of the highs and lows of Martha Stewart’s career so far.

  • Began side ventures in catering and modeling in the 1970s.
  • Published the successful cookbook “Entertaining” (1982).
  • Launched Martha Stewart Living magazine (1990).
  • Founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (1997).
  • Became a billionaire when Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went public (1999).
  • Served a five-month prison sentence for insider trading charges (2004-2005).
  • Sold Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to Sequential Brands Group (2015).


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