2-day Masterclass in Mining Finance to Be Held in London

on Aug 30, 2012

* Promotional Editorial in Partnership with Mines and Money.

Whether you are a private investor or a professional with some involvement in the field and feel your knowledge of mining finance should be better, allocating a couple of days in November to this course on Mining Finance could be just what you need. Aspermont UK, publisher and event organiser for the mining industry, has scheduled a Mining Finance Masterclass in November aimed at providing a comprehensive foundation on mining finance. The training course is one of the first of its kind and will be held in London, Toronto and New York on various dates throughout November.

The class is targeted at banking professionals, consultants, investors and anyone else wishing to learn more about how the mining industry is financed. Both the bankers’ and the miners’ points of view will be covered in detail and what otherwise would take years of learning through experience, will be presented in a compact and easy-to-grasp way even for those with no financial background.

Graham McCartney, a seasoned professional with nearly 30 years of experience accumulated through senior positions in mining companies, banks, and in an advisory capacity, will be leading the class. Graham now runs his own successful Metal & Mining Finance consultancy with the principal activity of providing Corporate Finance and Advisory Services to a market of small banks and mining companies.

The course schedule is intensive with a large amount of material to be covered over a two-day period. Topics will include the different ways a mine raises capital through its lifecycle, when finance is required, where finance is required, how it is structured, who requires it, how it is provided and, perhaps most crucially, risk assessment. There will also be three case studies which will provide students with a simulated practical application of the material covered while facilitating the kind of teamwork the organisers hold as crucial in the field of mining finance.

A comprehensive break-down of the modules covered over the two days and what each involves is given in the masterclass’ brochure.
The central aim of the course is to enable those who are unacquainted with the ins and outs of mining finance but have a professional or personal involvement in investment in the industry to get up to speed in a quick and efficient way. “You won’t walk away a financier but you will leave with the knowledge to understand what a financier does.” is what the course organisers state as the targeted end result for participants.
##Mines & Money conference##
A number of discounts for early registration are offered and for groups of more than seven people from one firm, Aspermont may conduct the course at the firm’s offices or at another chosen location. Full details including brochure, pricing, dates and schedule of events can be found on www.mining-finance-masterclass.com.
Aspermont UK is publisher of the award-winning magazine Mining Journal, which has been providing information on the industry since 1835. The company also issues a number of other periodicals and hosts conferences and events all around the world, including the Mines & Money conference & exhibition.


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