The Happy Tenant Company Says Agents Charge Too Much

on Sep 18, 2012

The Happy Tenant Company, a property management firm that operates across London and within the M25 revealed that it has a completely different philosophy compared to other companies in the sector. The company criticises some of the common practices in the industry, and even refuses to call itself a letting agent. According to its representatives, Happy Tenant Company is an alternative.

The company provides management services for landlords and tenants, charging a fixed fee that is frozen for two years. Also there are no renewal fees and no mark-ups. This is in contrast with the numerous and expensive fees that agents usually charge for their services.
According to Happy Tenant Company, landlords can save a considerable amount of money, using the company’s services. Its estimations show a total savings of £2,004 compared to some of its competitors. The amount of savings grows over the period of time to £5,796 and £15,756 over two and three years respectively.

Jonathan Monjack, Chief Executive Officer of the company said that the fees which letting agents charge are “simply not acceptable” and so is the level of their services.
“Our business model includes using our size to secure our landlords and tenants the best possible deals on maintenance and third party services – often exclusive to us,” he added.

Mr. Monjack sees the company as providing an alternative to tenants and landlords and breaking the monopoly of the traditional business models in the industry.
The Happy Tenants Company is coming up to its first anniversary but it has ambitious plans for the future. And employing a business model that is rather different from what the industry postulates might just be the way to them achieving lasting success.
By Dimitar Bogdanov


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