Facebook Share Price: Bug Exposes Personal Details of Six Million Users

on Jun 25, 2013

Personal details of about six million Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users have been inadvertently exposed by a glitch in the social network’s data archive, Facebook Inc. announced on Friday. The bug occurred because of the way Facebook handles contact lists and address books uploaded to the social network, it explained in a security announcement. The company, operating the biggest social network in the world admitted it was “upset and embarrassed” by the bug which was identified by a programmer outside of the organisation.

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**Small impact**
Facebook said that there was no evidence that the details exposed were exploited for malicious ends, adding that the “practical impact” of the leak was small, since the data had most probably been shared with people who already knew the affected individuals. The company also said that the bug had been fixed.

However, Facebook received criticism from security analyst Graham Cluley about the timing of the release of the information, which happened last Friday, just before the weekend. The analyst opined that the disclosure had been about “damage limitation” rather than making sure the information reached as wide an audience as possible.

**Shares in Facebook opened strongly in New York on Tuesday, rising 1.7 percent to $24.33. The stock fell slightly an hour or so after the start of the trade.
The Facebook share price was $24.25 as of 15.20 GMT, 25.06.2013**
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