Facebook Share Price: The Company Brings Messaging Stickers to the Web

on Jul 3, 2013

iNVEZZ.com, Wednesday, July 3: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the operator of the world’s most popular social network, is introducing the ability to send messages with stickers – cute, pre-made, sometimes animated images – from its website. The company rolled out stickers on mobile devices in April and is now including them in the chat system on the Facebook website as well. The stickers can be found in the smiley section accessible via the button in the right-hand bottom corner of the web chat.

Facebook has confirmed that even though the images are kept in a “Sticker Store”, it has no plans to be charging users for them. The stickers could potentially convince users to stay with Facebook Messages rather than choose a rival messaging systems such as Google Hangouts, thus boosting the users’ overall engagement with the social networking platform.

!m[The Project’s Art Director Leaves Facebook](/uploads/story/3633/thumbs/pic1_inline.jpg)
**Key Designer Has Reportedly Left**
Facebook has serious plans for the stickers and has brought leading designers from outside the company to work on the design of the images. However, according to industry blog TechCrunch, Sophie Xie, the designer who started the stickers initiative and was their product designer and art director, has just left the company. Her departure was a significant loss for Facebook and could potentially result in the
project’s progress slowing down.
**The Facebook share price (pre-market) was $24.25 as of 13.25 GMT, 03.07.2013**