Facebook Share Price: New ‘Graph Search’ Tool Raises Privacy Concerns

on Jul 10, 2013

iNVEZZ.com, Wednesday, July 10: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the operator of the world’s most popular social network, has issued a warning to UK users – reminding them to check their privacy settings before its powerful new “Graph Search” function arrives. The US tech giant this week started rolling out the search tool to people using Facebook in “US English” after six months in testing. But the new feature has already raised some privacy concerns: as it turns out, by using Graph Search, people can find old pictures and even such that are hidden from the users’ Timelines. Privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation has described the new search function as “creepy”.

Graph Search won’t circumvent the privacy settings, meaning that it won’t show off images that are set to be private – for example ones that can be seen by “Only Me” or “Friends”. However, it makes finding pictures in the Timeline much easier, which is concerning to some users. Certain things such as “tagging” and “liking” will also boost the tool’s ability to turn in search results.
But the good news is that, as it seems, these potential privacy threats can be stopped by a proper configuration of the privacy settings.
**The Facebook share price (pre-market) was $25.63 as of 14.42 GMT, 10.07.2013**


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