Boeing Share Price Down by 7%

on Jul 12, 2013
Listen (LONDON) , Friday, July 12: The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) shares fall by more than 7% in midday trading after a Dreamliner 787 cought fire at Hathrow Airport in London.

Earlier this year, problems with batteries on Dreamliner aircraft led to the grounding of the fleet and forced Boeing into a costly re-design.

The company’s shares had been trading at a 52-week high on Friday before news of the fire first broke.
Companies such as Honeywell and Rockwell Collins, supplying parts of the Dreamliner, were also hit. The fall in Boeing’s stock was its biggest one-day drop since August 2011.
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**The Boeing Company share price (NYSE:BA) was $98.99 as of 18.03 GMT, 12.07.2013**