Google Takes Steps to Improve Security on Cloud

on Jul 18, 2013
Listen Friday July 19th: Media reports revealed today that Google was testing different encryptions in order to protect its Cloud stored files against government demands.

According to a report published in CNET, the search giant had begun testing different encryptions for its Google Drive in a move to shield users’ files from the U.S. and other governments. An inside source close to the project said that a small percentage of Google Drive files was already encrypted.
Silicon Valley companies have become the subject of widespread criticism after leaked documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) revealed the existence of a government computer software dubbed PRISM. The program collects users’ personal data that companies are required to make available under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – unless it’s encrypted and the firms themselves don’t have the key.

“Mechanisms like this could give people more confidence and allow them to start backing up potentially their whole device,” Seth Schoen, senior staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, commented regarding encryptions of Cloud files. Usually those files are not protected because of the additional expenses and the complexities involved in searching and indexing encrypted data.

CNET didn’t provide details about Goole’s plans to make it easier for users to store their data encrypted on Google drive but suggested that the company was planning to carry out the encoding and decoding on its servers. The idea is that as long as the key is off Google servers and in the user’s hands, the search giant would not be able to obtain the data from the encrypted file without the user’s cooperation. “We applaud Google for taking steps to encourage and drive the need for improved security in the cloud,” Jeff Hudson, chief executive of Venafi, said as quoted by SecurityWatch.

!m[Egnyte Offers Businesses Protection Down to Folder Level on Google Drive](/uploads/story/4135/thumbs/pic_1_inline.png)
**Egnyte Makes Google Drive Secure Enough for Enterprise Usage**
It has long been known that Google Drive is not yet secure enough to be used by businesses. That’s where the start-up Egnyte and its file-server technology can help. Egnyte and Google are teaming up to make Google Drive better suited for the needs of large scale enterprises.

Egnyte technology allows for files to be protected down to the folder level, which means a company can create a folder for its financial division and secure it. The software works with any browser but if the user needs off-line access capability for Google Drive files stored on a network attached storage device, then Google Chrome should be used and only if a special plug-in is installed.
**Google’s share price was 3.81 percent lower at $876.00 as of 19.07.2013, 22.41 BST.**
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