Major Google Maps Update Comes to iOS

on Jul 18, 2013
Listen, Thursday, July 18: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), the operator of the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices, yesterday released a major update to the Google Maps application for iOS. The revamp, which comes shortly after the Internet search giant updated the app on Android, includes almost all of the new features available on the Google’s mobile OS. On top of that, the updated Google Maps app includes support for all handsets and tablets running iOS 6, which means that the software can be used natively on Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) prized tablet, the iPad.

Google, which is due to post second-quarter results later today, closed 0.12 percent down at $918.55 in New York trading yesterday. Google shares hit an all-time high of $927.80 on July 15, reflecting investor optimism ahead of today’s report.
**Revamping Google Maps**
With the new Google Maps app, users of iOS-powered devices can now receive live updates about traffic when using turn-by-turn navigation.

“When you’re stuck in traffic and wondering what the holdup is, use Google Maps on your iPhone to get live incident reports on road closures, construction, accidents, and more,” Google advised on its official blog.
However, the feature which allows for dynamic rerouting around those traffic jams, is one of the features only available to Android users. Unlike the new ‘explore’ feature, which is available to users of both platforms, informing them about nearby points of interests such as restaurants, bars and shops among others. The feature is complemented by the new rating system that allows users to review restaurants and other businesses they encounter along the way.

The update also adds turn-by-turn directions for cycling enthusiasts, including directions for more than 330,000 miles of bike paths, trails and lanes around the globe.
**App Back to iPad**
!m[ App’s New Version Can Be Natively Used on IPad ](/uploads/story/4108/thumbs/pic1_inline.jpg)
The update also marks the return of Google Maps to the iPad after more than nine months in exile. In an attempt to lessen its dependence on Google’s online services, Apple had dropped the app, replacing it with its own mapping software. The product, however, was ridden with errors, which prompted Apple to return the app – in an updated version – but only to the iPhone. While that update could still be used on the

Apple’s tablet, the iPad, it had not been optimised for a larger screen, resulting in a less satisfying experience. The latest update released yesterday resolves that problem and brings the complete Google Maps experience to the iPad screen.
**The Google share price closed at $918.55 in New York on 17.07.2013**
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