Twitter share price: Microblogging service to launch retargeted ads?

on Dec 5, 2013
Updated: Oct 21, 2019
Listen, Thursday, December 13: Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is ready to start the official roll-out of ‘retargeted ads’ fuelled by browser cookies , technology blog TechCrunch reported yesterday, citing unnamed sources. Ads targeting users based on their browsing history aren’t exactly new in the industry, but unlike existing technology, Twitter’s product aims to use the information it gathers via cookies to target users across platforms.

Twitter could confirm the roll-out as early as today. The product has been in an experimental phase since July this year.
In today’s New York trading, Twitter shares gained 0.71 percent to $44.00 as of 15:00 UTC.
Typical retargeting uses cookies from websites that users have recently visited to show them ads of products or services that might be of interest. The only problem with this method is that it’s not very effective on mobile devices, because phones and tablets don’t save a trail of breadcrumbs about what sites people have visited the way laptops and desktops do. Twitter, however, has the ambitious goal to change that by using people’s accounts with the microblogging service as a cross-device identity layer. This means that Twitter will analyse the cookies in the web browser of a particular user and will then use that information to serve relevant ads to that user when he or she logs on Twitter via a mobile device.

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TechCrunch quoted Zach Coelius, CEO of retargeted ads firm Triggit, as saying that this method will give the company a huge advantage.

“Twitter is in a unique position because people log in both on the web and phone. That’s a really big deal because mobile phones don’t have the ability to set cookies so you can’t do retargeting,” Coelius said.

Being able to show retargeted ads on mobile is crucial for Twitter as the microblogging service is primarily used on mobile devices.
**Soft launch**
TechCrunch says that the roll-out might represent somewhat of a ‘soft launch’ in which not all advertisers are immediately eligible to buy retargeted ads, and the ads might not show up to all users. Retargeted Promoted Tweets are highly likely to become available for purchase, but it is not known yet whether that will also be the case with Promoted Accounts, the blog says.
TechCrunch also noted that Twitter has declined to comment on the story.
**As of 15:20 UTC buy Twitter shares at $44.23**
**As of 15:20 UTC sell Twitter shares at $44.21**
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