Amazon share price: Company to unveil its first smartphone

By: Michael Kamberov
Michael Kamberov
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on Jun 18, 2014
Updated: Oct 21, 2019, Wednesday, June 18: One of the most anticipated events on the technology calendar has supposedly arrived. A 3D smartphone, the first of its kind, may be unveiled today during Amazon’s launch event in Seattle. The international e-commerce company’s first move into the smartphone market has been anticipated for months.

**What we know so far**
Rumours have been circulating about Amazon’s new product for quite some time. The Wall Street Journal was the first to release a feature report saying that the smartphone will have retina-tracking and movement-sensing technology to make some images appear 3D. The device will be powered by a heavily customized version of Android, much like Amazon’s Fire TV and Kindle Fire, according to multiple sources.

Amazon’s new product is also said to incorporate optical character recognition software which will allow photos of text to be converted into notes. The 3D smartphone will incorporate a combination of cameras, sensors and software, and is set to radically change the perception of smartphone user interaction.
On June 4 Amazon released a YouTube video which showed customers’ reactions to an unseen device. Among the first impressions were statements saying it was “fantastic” and “nothing like I’ve ever seen”. The teaser reveals a highly movement-responsive user interaction (UI). According to BGR reports, the UI appears to be a much more complex version of Apple’s iOS 7 parallax effect. Besides just shifting the screen’s wallpaper, Amazon’s smartphone will shift the perspective on icons and presumably everything else which comes up on the screen.

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Another feature revealed in BGR’s reports is the phone’s innovative gesture control which will allow customers to tilt the device in various directions to the point that they will not need to touch the phone to complete certain tasks.

Some believe that Amazon’s 3D smartphone might be the biggest thing to come to the mobile phone market since the iPhone.
**Aggressive expansion**
Amazon has been progressively expanding its marketplace in the last couple of years. Cellphone manufacturing is going to be the latest edition to the company’s portfolio. Amazon Fire TV, a video streaming and gaming console, was introduced in April this year. Amazon, which started as an online bookstore in 1994, released the Kindle e-reader in 2007 and launched the Kindle Fire four years later.

The company has a long history of selling its devices at, or below cost. Amazon has also offered many deals on the Kindle e-readers since its launch. The price of the new 3D smartphone may therefore be set at a competitive level.
On Tuesday the WSJ reported that as with the Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon’s first smartphone will be an AT&T exclusive. An initial order of 600, 000 devices is rumored to have been made. The new 3D smartphone, which took three years to perfect, is expected to arrive on the market around Christmas.
Many believe that Amazon’s new release might hit Apple sales but the tech giant is yet to unveil its long-awaited iPhone 6.
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