EUR/USD COT Outlook: week from 30.06.2014

EUR/USD COT Outlook: week from 30.06.2014
Written by:
John Adam
30th June 2014
Updated: 5th March 2020


We have being yo-yoing around these level since the ECB’s June meeting, but the market still remains short over $10bn. The bearish sentiment is a good indciator in the fundamental change in the market and the current relative policy provides an offset to expectations of weakness over the longer term.
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EURUSD Weekly Change 24-Jun-14 17-Jun-14 10-Jun-14
Net Non-Commercial Positions  4,332 -57,503 -61,835 -57,185
Price 3 1.3579 1.3576 1.3597
Open Interest  5,755 291,244 285,489 331,686
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