Property Moose brings property crowdfunding to the north

Property Moose brings property crowdfunding to the north

Has it ever crossed your mind to get involved in the buy-to-let real estate market, but you’re just not sure that you can afford or even want a mortgage? Well, property crowdfunding could be the best way for you to make that leap onto the ladder.

With the internet becoming a part of everyday life, it seems only natural that the property market would end up being intertwined with the digital age of technology. Crowdfunding has been around in different variations for quite a few years now, but has only recently become mainstream, with the industry bringing in $5.1 billion worldwide in 2013.

And now property crowdfunding is swiftly becoming a popular mechanism for many investors looking to diversify their portfolio of real estate investments.

Property Moose, founded in 2013, is becoming one of the market leading companies offering property crowdfunding. With a new office in Liverpool, a move that also created 10 new jobs for the region, Property Moose wants to provide investors with that all important ability to assemble a varied investment portfolio.

And how does property crowdfunding work with Property Moose? It’s actually very simple. Buyers can invest in a property for £500 and from that moment on, income will start to be generated. Property Moose pays three percent annual interest on any investment made up until the property is bought and once the house is tenanted, investors receive rental income every month. Capital growth is then shared amongst investors at the end of the fixed term once the property is sold.

It’s easy to see why property crowdfunding is making an impact on the real estate world. And with Property Moose, you don’t have to take out any kind of loan to start investing, you receive regular monthly income when the house is occupied and you’re able to accumulate a portfolio of investments with access to exclusive deals across the country. With this in mind, property crowdfunding can potentially work for anyone. Whether you’re a first time investor or even if you’re a seasoned pro and looking to expand your portfolio, property crowdfunding gives buyers a new and easy way of getting involved in the world of real estate.

By Michael Catchpole
Michael is a freelance writer with years of experience writing about financial products. During his time reporting for Invezz, Michael focused on the real estate and stock markets.
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