Mistakes that reduce chances of making profit in forex trading

Mistakes that reduce chances of making profit in forex trading
Written by:
Tsveta van Son
28th September 2015
Updated: 9th March 2020

As a forex trader you can achieve your financial goal only by avoiding mistakes. And only prior knowledge about those mistakes can help you keep yourself away from committing them.

Here is some information about the common pitfalls that forex traders often get trapped into.

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  • Trading without proper plan – You must have a proper treading plan and you should follow it strictly to ensure lasting success. Whether you’re trading forex or stocks, every trading requires considerable planning to be successful in your trading venture. Create your plan, highlight the areas where you can expect maximum return on investment and analyze the risk management rules. Once done, the plan must be documented. You can make huge profit in the forex market, but unless you have a plan in advance, you may lose those opportunities.
  • Not maintaining trading discipline – Don’t listen to your heart while you’re trading. Any emotional decision may lead you to commit serious trading mistakes. Your confidence and patience shouldn’t be tested and controlled emotionally especially after you experience consecutive losses. So stick to your trading plan that you’ve created using best of your knowledge and expertise about the market. Also don’t take any shortcut when it comes to trading as it may give you short term profit but it can also let you face huge loss.  Trading requires the traders to have understanding and acquaintances of the market.
  • Failing to adapt the market – Trading demands a suitable plan even before the market opens. You can curb possible perils borne by magnified and sudden losses only if you study respective market conditions properly. Conduct careful analysis of trading scenario as it helps you plan moves and countermoves though it is not possible for any system to sustain in long run as new risks and opportunities are continually being created as the market widens. So if you want to ensure success, you must adaptive to market changes; it would help you develop strong strategies. You can avoid being surprised by the low probabilities if you plan in advance. You can manage to get past the pack by means of proper adaptation as well as education. Also adapting to new market helps you find new ways for making profits.
  • Trading with Trial and Error – Though trial and error is the best way to learn and understand the forex market, it is a very slow process. It takes much time for a trader to learn the trading tricks and tips though trial and error. In fact, there are more chances that the rookies would sustain more losses within forex market as it is quite different from the stock market.

Foreign exchange market is full of uncertainties. If you’re not aware of the market well and fail to avoid possible trading mistakes, it may be difficult for you to succeed in the market.

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