Champagne overtakes Burgundy as the third most traded fine wine

By: Veselin Valchev
Veselin Valchev
Veselin is a data scientist with extensive experience in commodities and natural resources within the FTSE 100. His data… read more.
on Oct 9, 2015
Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Burgundy continues to lose ground to the other major wine-producing regions of France, the latest industry data revealed yesterday. In the month of September, Champagne surpassed Burgundy to become the third most-traded regional group in 2015, according to fine wine marketplace Liv-ex.

So far this year, Bordeaux’s average monthly share of all fine wine trade stands at 74 percent, while Italy is second with a 6.9 percent share. Champagne has more than doubled its share year-on-year to 6.6 percent, while Burgundy inches slightly lower to 6.2 percent.
Champagne’s boost can be explained in part by the high volume of its wine available in the market after the release of several consecutive vintages by major houses, Liv-ex noted. The highest rising wine on the platform last month was Louis Roederer’s 2004 Cristal, which climbed eight percent to £1,308 per case.

Champagne 50, a sub-index of the broad Liv-ex 1000 gauge, added 1.26 percent last month, standing as the second-top gainer behind the Burgundy 150.
Meanwhile, Liv-ex argued earlier this week that the success of the Bordeaux 500, also a sub-index of the Fine Wine 1000, has been driven largely by the less-prominent wines which constitute the Left Bank 200 gauge. The Medoc index has climbed 4.8 percent since July 2014, as compared with about three percent for the First Growths and 2.4 percent for the Bordeaux 500.

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