Five Ways Other than Bank Loans for Business Growth and Funding

on Sep 14, 2016
Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Small business ventures are indeed less demanding in terms of both investment and time. However, if you’re aiming for reaching the sky and scoring high profits, you need to have more sources of funding. The risks for bigger businesses are also bigger as compared to the smaller businesses but these risks can be dealt with. High profit businesses have a larger market share and can also lead you to scoring bigger money.

Bigger businesses need higher levels of competency and commitment from your end. You will have to do some serious financial planning for your business. In contrast to small businesses, you might not be the only boss and might need to impart some roles to other people.  The cost and management burdens will start to burn you out if you do not welcome more people to join you in your business.
Apart from banks, there are many potential sources for business funding that you might want to consider as you keep expanding your business. Let’s see what options we have!

1. Public sector bodies
If you are a company which is being set up in an area where there are lesser jobs then there are high chances that you will be awarded grants linked to social aims by various public sector bodies like providing employment to jobless people. Make sure to look around and explore all options.


2. Business support organisations
Many organisations are aimed on supporting newly budding ideas and start-ups. They incubate your business by giving out grants and loans.

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3. Private investors
You might want to look for anyone interested in investing in your firm in return for a part-share in the business. These investors can help you grow your roots in your business and you won’t have to worry about the money being invested. However, they might expect quick return for the money they invest.


4. Friends and family
Friends and family can help you in the hour of need by lending you interest-free money. It can be really beneficial while you return your loans as there would be no additional interest to return.

5. Asset finance companies

These companies work by letting you buy your equipment and lease it back to you. This is an innovative way to get your business starting and buying the necessary equipment simultaneously.


Thus, you do not always need to look forward to the bank loans for investing money in your business. Multiple alternative ways are available as well. Being smart is going to go a long way for you!


This article was supplied by Henley Consultants property investment team


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