The Kingscliff Housing Market: A Small Town Doing Big Things

The Kingscliff Housing Market: A Small Town Doing Big Things

Nestled along the beautiful Australian coastline you will find the exotic locale of Kingscliff. Once serving predominately as a vacation hotpot, Kingscliff was once known best for being the place where tourists cast both their cares and their lines out into blue waters of the bay. Now, more and more people are discovering that not only is Kingscliff a prime vacationing spot, but, due in part to it close proximity to Brisbane and Mullumbimby, it also has all the makings of being a different kind of spot… a special spot called home. 
According to local realtors, home sales are booming, rental properties are selling out and vacation spaces are booking out well into next Christmas. Realestate 2487 owner Heather Stewardson says that most of the relocates in Kingscliff aren’t exactly relocates at all. They are, instead, coming from nearby Brisbane where newcomers are working in the city and still living by the beach. With such a modest commute, more and more families are cashing in their big houses and investing in apartments on the water’s edge. 

This move makes sense for many in more ways than one. Not only are families taking away the memories of living on the beach while their children are young, they can still keep their careers going in Brisbane… and when they are ready to retire, their apartment on the beach becomes that perfect retirement living space that everybody dreams about. The difference is that families are skipping that step of “someday” and living in the now, scooping up those future memories today and getting to keep them for even longer. 

At present, Corelogic RP Data reveals that the median price of a home in Kingscliff is at an all-time high – $735,000, up almost $300,000 since 2005. Projections show that dwelling place construction is slated to grow from 4,435 in 2011 to 5,029 in 2026, making the town of Kingscliff one of the most progressive areas in Australia. In fact, one new construction in particular is making real waves in the community. 

yourtown, once known as the iconic Boystown, has partnered with celebrity interior designer Darren Palmer, to create a breathtakingly beautiful house by the waters Kingscliff. The yourtown prize home is part of the charity’s fundraising efforts which goes back into supporting their many causes. Though this “win a house” raffle is the biggest prize of the year as a Christmas home due to its timely launching just in time for the holidays, yourtown works diligently year-round to create a better tomorrow for children across Australia. From domestic violence and unemployment rates to mental health concerns, the yourtown charity supplies a bevy of supportive services and helping hands to the youth of our communities. 

The yourtown prize home is just one of the many homes in the area catching the eye of residents near and far. With an average population growth rate of .74% each year, Kingscliff is quickly becoming the darling of the water’s edge. It is providing families with the ability to share more memories, retirees to find new adventures and less responsibilities and also helping the children of our country to live better, happier lives. For such a small space, Kingscliff is truly doing big things.

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