How to Sell Your Home Easily and Effortlessly

on Nov 3, 2016

So, finally James, our next door neighbor, manages to sell his home for the full asking price and that too without doing much bargain with the buyer. Nope, he does not have any degree on marketing or psychology; he is just another regular guy. Are wondering how James manages to sell his house at the asking price in this highly competitive market? This is an easy guess. He invested prudently in pre-sale home upgrade and bingo! It works for him. And believe it not, by making small adjustment in your worn-out home, you can also grab similar awesome deal. And the good news, it does not involve splurging money heavily on complete renovation kinda thing; just a simple change in the landscaping, making minor changes in kitchen countertops and appliances etc can make you seal the deal.

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But the million dollar question is how much you should be spending on pre-sale home improvement. Honestly speaking, you cannot expect a straight forward answer to this intriguing question. You simply do not want to spend much on this, as you are not going to have the money back and at the same time, you need to make the house look presentable otherwise, no one will be interested in buying it. A tough call without a shred of doubt. Some real estate agents suggest that we can spend 1% to 2% of the total valuation of the property. Now, do not follow this blindly, you need to check the prices of other homes for sale and consider other factors.

So, if you have done with the analysis part, allow me explain you where you should be investing your hard earned money so that you be sure of a good and quick return on investment:

Transform Closet in Office

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It is fairly easy to transform your ugly and dirty closet into an office and that too without making any huge investment. You just need to put a nice looking desk, some installing shelves, electric outlets and you are done with. It is that easy.

Create a Place for Storage

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Now, most people are looking for a storage space. So, you can easily present any unfinished space as a beautiful storage space for prospective customers. It would be great if you can invest in flooring as this will add to its value proposition.

The toilets

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A dirty toilet will certainly not make your prospect look bright. Since most buyers are into the habit of checking the toilet before they make any buying decision, you need to make some changes in it. Invest some time and money to clean the grout, install a new shelve or if possible change all the shower heads.

Do Paint the Wall

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By applying one or two coats of paint, you can enhance the prospect of your house. Do not paint the wall in only white or too dark colors as this can make the room look smaller. You need to use different color combination that will brighten up the walls as well as the prospect too.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

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Having ‘90’ fans hanging out from ceiling is certainly something that can make you feel proud of. So, you need to get rid of them. Buy some stylish ceiling fans and recessed lighting or track lighting to give a complete makeover to the look and feel of your old home.

There are other areas where you can always invest like – you need to make the kitchen look stunning and for that purpose, you need to buy some cool kitchen appliances. You may also need to change the featherweight doors to a heavy weight one. Also consider investing in landscaping because some prospective buyers take this also into consideration while buying a new home.


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