Harald Seiz and Karatbars: Gold as Cash

on Dec 7, 2016
Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The global financial crisis of 2008 made me question the value of paper currency. As a result, I’ve searched for new and interesting ways to hedge against inflation risk and preserve my wealth. One of the most interesting and dynamic instruments I’ve come across is Karatbars, which puts small amounts of gold in my hand to trade or use as currency. The benefits of gold as cash are immense.

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Recognized Value

Precious metals are valued by people in all countries on earth, which makes them universally recognized as tangible value. A Karatbar makes it possible to use precious metals in a practical manner, given that this instrument has grams of metal, as opposed to many ounces or even pounds. It doesn’t make sense to carry around bulky bullion bars, trying to use them as cash. However, a Karatbar fits that role nicely. HaraldSeiz, the entrepreneur responsible for the Karatbar, created a perfectly instrument with flexibility and inherent worth.

Preservation of Wealth

Given that paper currency fluctuates and can drastically become devalued in times of financial crisis, I like to invest in instruments that maintain their value. That is because wealth preservation is a priority for me and my family. By using Karatbars, I know that my wealth will not diminish during times of financial insecurity. In many situations, my wealth will actually increase because the price of precious metals will goup. Cash gold has the power to preserve my wealth better than any other currency on the planet.

Impervioust o Politics

Precious metals continue to remain valuable despite who is in political office, or if there is a change in governments. This imperviousness to politics makes small amounts of bullion ideal for transactions among individuals and even businesses. There is no reason to put all of one’s wealth at risk, by letting politics get into the way of wealth generation. Cash gold is a much better way to be at the political game. HaraldSeiz created a metals-backed instrument that transcends even the most contencious political divides found around the world.

Karatbars give me the flexibility and protection I need to preserve my wealth and bargaining power. Since gold has proven to maintain its value over centuries, I feel more comfortable and secure knowing my money will continue to hold its value over time.



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