Gold and Silver: What’s Ahead for 2017?

Gold and Silver: What’s Ahead for 2017?

As the calendar flips to 2017, we look back on a year that has been full of twists and turns, with a finale that even the best fiction writers could never have imagined. From the UK voting to leave the European Union, to Donald Trump being elected the 45th President of the United States, pollsters and market analysts overwhelmingly got it wrong, with the extremely improbable being hard swallowed fact. The reaction from safe haven assets was notable.


                Gold started 2016 at $1,060 per ounce and surged in the first half to a high of $1,376 per ounce in the summer, a rise of 30%, before benefitting from a correction into the final quarter to $1,151 per ounce. Gold ended the year up 8.6% from where it started the year.

[Current Yearly Gold Chart 03-01-2017]


                Silver also saw a solid end to 2016. Starting at $13.86, it traded 52% higher to $21.15 per ounce during the summer before pulling back to finish the year at $16, up more than 17% for the year.

[Current Yearly Silver Chart 03-01-2017]


                PGMs posted similar gains last year, with Platinum rising 30.7% to $1,200 from $868 per ounce, ending the year at $915, 5.5% up for 2016.

[Current Yearly Platinum Chart 03-01-2017]


                Palladium began 2016 trading at $541.50 per ounce, posted a high of $770, a 42% gain. It ended the year at $683.50, a yearly gain of more than 26%.

[Current Yearly Palladium Chart 03-01-2017]


What does this tell us

                To say the least, last year was a rollercoaster for metal prices. All major metals posted significant gains throughout the year before correcting by year end. The key takeaway is that all of the precious metals have clearly turned, negating previous downward trends, all remain above critical areas of support established in late 2015 for gold and silver and early 2016 for platinum and palladium, and is a signal for expectations as this new year gets underway.


Whats Next?

                All metals begin the year very oversold and seem to be priming for a strong start to the new year. January and the first quarter is traditionally the strongest period for Gold in particular.

                I believe gold and silver both bottomed in 2015 and we are seeing the beginnings of bull markets that will take us back to the all time highs over the next few years. Whilst I could be wrong, only time will tell, the markets right now are suggestive that they are on an upward trajectory, and that the recent decline was nothing more than a pullback within a larger upward cycle.

                If this ireally is nothing more than a pullback, and the current support levels in gold and silver hold, then the next phase of the bull market will begin in 2017. 


By Georgi Milenkov
Georgi likes all things shiny; gold, silver, platinum an pirate treasure. Fascinated by the commodities market, Georgi uses his trading experience to report on commodities prices. He now works for Hewlett Packard.
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