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Upcoming ICO: SPiCE ICO Could Be Hot

on Sep 27, 2017

On an exciting day for cryptocurrencies with bitcoin crossing the USD 4,000 level once again, upcoming ICOs are hoping to capitalize on that momentum. One such startup is SPiCE Venture Capital, which is bringing the world of venture capital investing onto the blockchain. SPiCE VC will be offering its regulatory-compliant securities SPiCE tokens in a token sale, pushing its liquid venture capital fund as the appeal in an otherwise illiquid venture capital environment. 

London-based Spice ICO brings top-notch talent form traditional finance and technology to the blockchain, with cofounder Tal Elyashiv previously serving as the CIO at Capital One. JavaScript creator and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich is a Spice advisor. The venture capital startup is an example the type of talent that the blockchain era has enlisted, and the blend from traditional finance and cryptocurrencies is the same type of balance that Spice hopes to achieve with its investment style.

SPiCE VC wants to give cryptocurrency investors a vehicle by which they can gain access to upcoming ICOs in scale. The starutp, however, doesn’t want those investors to miss out on opportunities outside of the blockchain, and will also invest in other high-tech sectors including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT and cybersecurity among others. 

Spice VC will rely on the Bancor protocol for liquidity of what the startup calls a security token. The Spice ICO will launch the sale of these security tokens and from there the company plans to add its token to exchanges. The challenge is not all exchanges accept security tokens, but Spice VC would rather be in step with the SEC regs, particularly as a venture capital firm whose very design will be to invest in deals and other companies.

The SPiCE token may have one more option on which to trade. Online retailer Overstock business tZero will launch a digital token exchange that will faciltiate the trading of tokens.

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