Best Upcoming ICO: Canary in a Cryptocurrency Coal Mine

on Oct 9, 2017

Ice Rock Mining has taken cryptocurrency mining literally. The issuer on social media posts dubts itself the best ICO, and they may not be too far from the truth. Ice Rock Mining ICO has all the components of being the best upcoming ICO, not the least of which includes a physical asset, which is an Almaty, Kazakhstan-based cave where cryptocurrency mining is performed. 

Technically the IceRock Mining ICO pre-sale for the ROCK tokens is under way, and the public sale will last throughout November. The issuer’s story really is quite unique, having transformed a former Soviet Union bunker that was built by the former USSR into a cryptocurrency mining powerhouse. Given that the cave was built with the advent of war in mind, “technical nuances” were reflected in the design. As the new owner of that cave, the best upcoming ICO Ice Rock Mining was able to leverage those features for cryptocurrency mining. 

Best Upcoming ICO Is Freezing Out the Competition 

The issuer behind the Ice Rock Mining ICO is not just any cryptocurrency mining operation. As mentioned, they acquired the Kazakhstan cave earlier this year with the plan to combine the existing technological infrastructure with that of a cryptocurrency mine. In doing so, Ice Rock Mining was able to capitalize on the strategic location of the mine and ideal temperature condtions to create efficiencies that help to make it Ice Rock Mining the best upcoming ICO. 

The physical mine is situated deep in the country nearby to a reservoir with a hydroelectric power station nearby. As a result, capital costs associated with mining are slashed by 25%, . Meanwhile the conditions are ideal at a constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, eliminating the need for to actively cool video cards and miners. As yet another perk, there are also subsidies attached to electricity generation, which gives Ice Rock Mining a favorable price. 

Ice Rock Mining, the best upcoming ICO, boasts high-end machines and algorithms ranging from Dash, to Litecoin, to ETH/ETC to BTC. The official launch of the cryptocurrency mining operation is scheduled for year-end 2017. 



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