Upcoming ICO: HydroMiner ICO Inspires a Wave of Interest

on Oct 17, 2017
Updated: Mar 11, 2020

On a day when the commentary out of the financial industry toward cryptocurrencies has largely been bullish, it’s good to be an upcoming ICO. The HydroMiner ICO is no exception with the added bonus of rising demand for the limited number of tokens in a public sale of the Ethereum-based H2O token scheduled to begin on Oct. 18. The cryptocurrency miner will issue a total of 100 million tokens, though not all in one shot, at a rate of 1 H2O = 0.01 ETH.

As is the case for most countries, a regulatory framework for Austria’s upcoming ICOs is still unfolding. Regulators have tilted their hand enough for HydroMiner to recently adjust the model for its upcoming ICO. Previously owning a H2O token would entitle investors to a percentage of the profits. That model has since been tweaked so that instead of profit sharing, buyers can either convert their H2O tokens into mining contracts on the Hydro mining platform or, to speculate further, hold the tokens and sell on an exchange in anticipation of a profit. 

In anticipation of high demand for the upcoming HydroMiner ICO, the startup is only releasing 25 million of its H2O tokens in this first wave of a token sale. Users can take those tokens to buy mining contracts with. No additional tokens will be sold until HydroMiner establishes its next power station, at which time it will be in a position to increase its mining contracts. 

Upcoming ICO: Why H2O? 

Austria-based HydroMiner mines cryptocurrencies using a pair of rented hydro mining stations in Europe’s Alpine region. The clean energy approach taken by the startup is “environmentally friendly and carbon neutral,” leading to significant savings for the energy-intensive process of cryptocurrency mining. The HydroMiner ICO is designed to help the startup raise funds to gain scale and more hydro mining stations.  

The recently incorporated HydroMiner boasts some of the lowest power prices per kilowatt hour in Europe, having slashed its energy bill by 85% compared to average, according to the company’s white paper. Hydrominer is able to achieve greater savings by cooling its equipment using the water from the mining stations.   

If the HydroMiner ICO intrigues you but you want more evidence of the operation before backing them, you’re in luck. HydroMiner offers tours of its hydro mines situated in the Austrian Alps.