Decline Forecasted in Black Friday 2017 Sales

on Oct 27, 2017

The holiday season comes with great retailing opportunities for all sort of brands, whether it’s clothing, electronics, home & lifestyle products or personal care items. From the beginning of November, most brands start their online promotions to persuade their customers to visit their brick & mortar stores or buy online through their websites. They put a lot of aggressive efforts to make a sale on Black Friday weekend.       

But, the game is little different this year! Customers are more aware and educated because they know all the tricks now and they hold the cards in their hands this time. Throughout the year, they have been bargain shopping for all the holiday gifts by using different saving options like gift cards, discount websites, e-commerce retail sites, etc.  

According to the Business Insider’s latest survey report, more than half of the people say that they are less inclined to shop this year on Black Friday due to the reason that they can now simply avail different bargain offers from different aggregating & E-commerce websites like Amazon, RetailmeNot, Top Vouchers Code, Groupon, and many other similar portals.

According to the survey, 44% of the people responded that they are less likely shop this year on Black Friday because they can equally get good discounts on other days too all year long. Hence, making the number of retail sales drop this year on Black Friday deals.

Last year, online sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday increase with a margin of approximately 18% according to the National Federation data. But the concept of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is becoming less popular as the customers are generally overwhelmed by every seasonal deals, clearance sales & promotions done by their favorite brands every now & then.

Most people are now thankfully out of the bubble that they save money while buying products on sales and have finally understood that they have been buying things that they just don’t need at that point in time. Making it really difficult for the marketers to increase the seasonal sales than previous years.