Upcoming ICO: Snovio Boasts an Impressive Customer Roster

on Nov 22, 2017
Updated: Jun 1, 2022

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One of the biggest concerns that investors have about upcoming ICOs is a lack of product, actual revenue and customers. Snovio doesn’t have that problem, as it has acquired a pretty impressive customer roster even as its token sale is already unfolding. The company’s blockchain-based decentralized lead generation platform has attracted the likes of Uber, Lenovo, Oracle and Lego its roster. Snovio contributors are rewarded with tokens for providing tailored lead data to customers. 

The Snovio ICO is currently unfolding after raising USD 725,000 in an ICO pre-sale that attracted both US- and China-based investors. Snovio is targeting USD 10 million from its crowdsale. They’re accepting several cryptocurrencies in exchange for the ERC20 SNOV digital tokens including bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin.

Although US investors contributed to the ICO pre-sale, the Snovio ICO is apparently blocking US investors from participating in the public sale. The company appears to be concerned that its SNOV tokens would be deemed securities in the United States, which would subject the deal to regulatory oversight. 

To avoid any scams, Snovio warns its ICO participants not to send any funds directly to any digital wallets but instead to use their token sale domain, In hindsight, that was a prudent move in light of a recent hack into blockchain-based digital and fiat currency coverter Tether in which nearly USD 31 million was “removed” from their treasury wallet. The hackers remain at large. 

The Snovio ICO Is Problem Solving 

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Lead generation is nothing new, but the integration of blockchain technology makes it more valuable. Some of the problems that traditional lead generation faces include: 

  • a lack of transparency so that customers know where their leads originated
  • a lack of awareness on the distribution of a lead list 
  • stale data
  • a lack of a fair compensation structure

Snovio says it solves all of these problems with the help of its contributors and of course, the public nature of distributed ledger technology. 


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