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Upcoming ICO: PeerAtlas Removes the Paywall for High-Quality Medical Info

on Nov 24, 2017

It's easy enough to Google an ailment and generate dozens of diagnoses and remedies online, but it's not always the right information let alone the best advice. Physicians must access research too, and believe it or not every medical professional is not privy to the same high-quality data. PeerAtlas wants to democratize high-quality medical information so that no medical professional is excluded from having access to top-notch medical research. They're basically a medical library on the blockchain, and they plan to do an upcoming ICO. 

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While most students upon graduating med school will begin a residency, Colin Closser has taken a different tack. After becoming an astute trader of the cryptocurrency NEO in his spare time, he became hooked. Now he and PeerAtlas founder Brad Mattson M.D. are building their entire project on the NEO blockchain and are planning an upcoming ICO. They liken themselves to the Wikipedia of the blockchain, except with a higher standard for data given the sensitive nature of medicine and the added bonus of rewards for the contributors of that data, e.g., doctors. 

Upcoming ICO Solving a Health Care Problem 

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Closser identified the problem with health care data access when he was blocked from accessing a site he had access to while in med school. The university had a subscription but he did not personally. For those in the medical community without a subscription, including smaller medical clinics and the like, they simply can't access the information that could provide answers to questions and also help physicians to formulate a diagnosis or treatment plan, for instance.

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This disconnect is a problem to the blockchain startup founders and the upcoming ICO is looking to bridge that gap. But not everyone in the medical community agrees that paywalls are problematic, so they won't have the support of all physicians. 

Considering that they are developing an entire medical encyclopedia on the blockchain, PeerAtlas expects their project will take years to complete. They're going to begin wtih a couple of areas of specialties such as emergency care and internal medicine and believe their project can make contributions to these areas within a year of the upcoming ICO, which doesn't appear to be scheduled. The risk from this project for investors to inherit is that the project won't be fully functional until after buyers purchase digital tokens in the upcoming ICO. 

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