Upcoming ICO: Experty ICO Is on the Line

on Nov 29, 2017

There are upcoming ICOs whose mission is beyond their own ecosystem and extends into ushering cryptocurrencies more into the mainstream. The Experty ICO, scheduled for December, is one such deal, and if it's successful it could also disrupt the information sharing market as the internet knows it. Experty is behind a blockchain platform enabling mobile calls similar to Skype including video and voice features, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Experty, which dubs itself the "Uber for knowledge sharing," is developing apps for both iOS and Android.  

So, what is the Experty ICO and app all about? It's a decentralized calling platform for knowledge seekers and providers. It works similar to a consultancy relationship in which people who are seeking information on some topic can query an influencer with a call. The consultant charges by the minute for the info provided, and the payment gets transacted directly between the two parties using the EXY token (sold during the upcoming ICO) without any need for another service provider. That's the blockchain at its best, facilitating transactions without much of the friction that is involved in the real world.

Upcoming ICO's Proceed Allocation 

The lion's share of the proceeds from the upcoming ICO will be directed over the course of three years toward marketing at 90%, followed by software development at 8% and legal costs for the balance. Following the upcoming ICO, Experty plans to raise additional funding through venture capital backing.

Experty has ambitious plans to integrate with LinkedIn, Quora and GitHub. According to the company's roadmap, they are in alpha format now and plan to enter beta in Q1 2018. Their product should hit the market in Q2 2018, as long as there aren't any unexpected delays after the Experty ICO, which as we've seen from other deals is not entirely out of the question. 






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