Upcoming ICO: Gibraltar Startup Launches Bot-Driven Crypto Trading Platform

on Jan 2, 2018

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There are hundreds of exchanges that trade cryptocurrencies, and upcoming ICO Gimmer is looking to capitalize on the best of them. The Gibraltar-based cryptocurrency trading platform isn’t an exchange, but it partners with the major exchanges to facilitate bot-driven trading for investors ranging from novice to expert level. It mentions Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, OK Coin and Bittrex as exchanges it is targeting and says it will unveil a new partnership per month.

The upcoming ICO launches on Feb. 1 at which time they will issue 85 million GMR tokens. They’ve set a hard-cap of ETH 35,000 at a rate of 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR. Investors must purchase a minimum of 0.1 ETH in the crowdsale.

Inside the Upcoming ICO

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In a nutshell, Gimmer is a decentralized and automated cryptocurrency platform on the blockchain driven by trading bot strategies. They are targeting the 900 unique digital coins that are traded across cryptocurrency exchanges today but don’t require users to have expertise in investing or trading to use the platform.

Gimmer seems to offer Main Street investors the opportunity to apply sophisticated trading strategies, such as trading multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously and margin trading, for instance, by using the platform’s analytical tools. The bots also monitor investments around the clock so that users can continue to capitalize on opportunities even when they’re not online, and there’s a back-testing feature that lets investors test various bot-driven strategies before pulling the trigger on any of them.

Gimmer plans to use the proceeds from the upcoming ICO to accelerate development of the platform, which it plans to launch in 2018. Funds will also be directed toward higher compensation for the Gimmer team so that they can devote more of their time to the project.

Gimmer is registered in Gibraltar and says it’s working with attorneys to ensure that they follow the proper regulations. Their product is in beta format currently, which is more than many other upcoming ICOs have to offer.

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