Upcoming ICO: Crypto Trading App Taylor Readies Launch, Blocks US Investors

Upcoming ICO: Crypto Trading App Taylor Readies Launch, Blocks US Investors
Written by:
Gerelyn Terzo
January 5, 2018

Another upcoming ICO is looking to capitalize on the hundreds of digital coins and cryptocurrency exchanges with a trading tool. Estonia-based Taylor, whose name was adopted from a character on a Showtime series dubbed “Billions,” is a tech designed to decentralize cryptocurrency trading with their bot-driven automated trading service and a mobile app, which make fast trades in an attempt to generate profits for investors throughout the course of the trading day.

Taylor’s technology identifies attractive entry point into cryptocurrencies and trades on some of the most widely used exchanges including Poloniex and Bittrex. Investors remain in the driver’s seat, however, and get to set their own target profits. 

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The Inner Workings of the Taylor ICO 

The upcoming ICO is scheduled for February, and US investors are not permitted to contribute to the fundraising effort. Taylor is issuing the ERC20 TAY tokens that will be given in exchange for a minimum investment of 0.01 ETH and a maximum of 50 ETH. The Taylor ICO has a soft cap of 500 ETH and a hard cap of 6,446.43140000 ETH.

They are selling the TAY tokens at a rate of 1 TAY = 0.0007 ETH. Tokens will be automatically transferred at the token-generating event, which occurs after the Taylor ICO, suggesting investors may not have to wait around for them and grow disheartened about the advancement of the project. On its website, Taylor says that US investors are blocked from the upcoming ICO as a result of “US security law restrictions.” Incidentally, investors have been filing complaints against issuers of ICOs for not registering their digital tokens with securities regulators. 

The Taylor App is expected to launch in Q2 2018, and the subscription-based trading service will be offered for free for holders of the TAY tokens. Token holders qualify for subscription discount and early access to new features. By Q1 2019, the startup will begin billing for the service at USD 60 each month, which can be paid in either fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

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