Who is challenging Coinbase?

Who is challenging Coinbase?

Coinbase is the first stop for millions of cryptocurrency buyers, however, the company has recently run into a number of issues, giving competitors a chance to challenge them.

Most recently, Coinbase has faced issues with Visa, as reported by CoinDesk, “Users of cryptocurrency startup Coinbase have seen repeated charges appear on their bank statements tied to their Visa credit and debit card use in recent days, prompting several rounds of statements from the companies involved after the situation went viral last week.”

This negative press and the recent bear market has left many cryptocurrency buyers looking to other services to take advantage of the crypto opportunity. However, there is still a steep learning curve for those new to space who look to join exchanges and buy new cryptocurrencies.

Superbloom is one platform which is helping to simplify crypto, and open up opportunities which the crypto market has presented. Superboom’s focus is on Token Sale investing moving beyond the buying and selling the top 4 cryptocurrencies which are offered on Coinbase. The platform is running a Private Token Sale for strategic investors and launching key features over the next few weeks and aims to provide crypto investors with a secure environment to analyse opportunities which have been vetted by the Superbloom team.

One other service which will soon hit the market is Coinweb, a human-readable blockchain protocol, which will enable cross blockchain transactions. Essentially this means, that users can quickly exchange cryptocurrencies from one to another, so if you have Bitcoin you can quickly get access to hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, and store them securely in the Coinweb wallet.

As cryptocurrency investors become smarter it is expected that they will move beyond mainstream services such as Coinbase, leaving a gap in the market for simple services which open up the world of crypto. It is expected that 2018 will see a number of winners as the crypto market is expected to grow significantly and gain further mainstream adoption.

By Invezz Newsdesk
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