ICO NEWS: Telegram scam, Phishing attack targets would-be investors

on Mar 3, 2018

Two websites and a Twitter account

The latest is a phishing attack wherein scammers set up two fraudulent websites and a Twitter account in an attempt to ensnare would-be Telegram investors. It was immediately evident to those who’ve followed the Telegram story that the websites and phishing email were not genuine because the pre-sale, and possibly even the main ICO, is not open to public donations.

One website was . It’s since been shut down and the URL redirects to a ‘502 bad gateway’ message. The Twitter account had the username ‘Telegram ICO (TON)’ and the handle, @ico_ton.

Phishing email

An email was also sent – see below screenshot:

Research suggests the scam was orchestrated in Dominica, CoinDesk reports, as that was where MaxiDed, the site’s registrar, was officially registered, according to info from MaxiDed is a self-proclaimed  ‘real legit company’ and is based in Dominica. Sounds legit.

Telegram has been notably cagey with its ICO and the only information available publicly re the details of the token sale came in the shape of a form D filed with the SEC in February. TechCrunch came across the filing and reported on the details.

VIPs only

In short, the tech firm, which already boasts a user base of 200 million plus, has so far chosen to seek funds from accredited investors and industry giants only. Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich, was reportedly among the first presale investors, during which $850 million was raised from just 81 investors. Telegram upped its $600 million first-round cap due to high demand.

Forbes ran an article a few days ago which stated: “Forget this new blockbuster initial coin offering by Russian developed messaging app Telegram. Unless you’re a one-percenter, Telegram’s not for you.”

Perhaps they’re right…