Upcoming ICO: SmartO says its APP is a ‘win win’

Upcoming ICO: SmartO says its APP is a ‘win win’
Written by:
Alison Bishop
21st March 2018

Developed on the principle of a ‘win win’ strategy for all parties and with the ambitious aim of becoming a default app for all phones, creators say SmartO will appeal to a wide audience.  

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The app’s functionality is based on helping users become more efficient when performing multiple, everyday tasks. It says it will help organise lives, provide a communication platform and deliver a source of income for users.

Of its technology, it says: “SmartO is the aggregator of familiar, user-friendly and convenient services which can do the same stuff you can do only at its own and faster pace.”

Tasks are entered into the APP activating a system based on cloud servers, which analyses data from other apps, as well as geo-information systems, to create an efficient order tasks should be completed in. App users are rewarded for sharing experiences, writing reviews about service providers, and watching relevant ads.

Businesses also benefit by having access to optimisation tools, target customer information and ad cost reduction. As the number of users and businesses grow, they are encouraged to use STO tokens as a means of payment, increasing their liquidity and increasing investment appeal.

Powered by blockchain

Blockchain is used to store view and rewards data linked to ads, providing reliability and transparency. In its whitepaper, SmartO highlights the example of an advertiser who buys STO tokens through smart contracts. During the transaction, the advertiser provides information on a banner including keywords and target audience preference.  SmartO marries this info with preferences set by users – when users click on an ad, they get rewarded with STO tokens.

Ildar Mukhametzhanov, CTO and visionary of the project, says when he was renovating his house he had to buy supplies and was ‘bombarded with requests for this and that’ with suppliers often being out of stock and himself sometimes forgetting to buy certain materials.

He says: “Then I got the idea to create a tickler system that would help not only to remind me what to buy but also what would make an optimal route to the store with the best price.”  

ICO information

The start date for the pre ICO is April 6th – ending on April 15th and the main ICO will begin on April 26th. The hard cap is set at £8,325,000 with a soft cap of £1,575,000. Listing on exchanges is planned for September 1st 2018.


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