Upcoming ICO: Smart City Eco has bold plans for a virtual world

on Mar 30, 2018

Already with a live pre ICO, the Smart City Eco team, headed by CEO, Slobodan Culum, is asking investors to ‘join its vision’ of a decentralized marketplace, offering e-consumers a multitude of facilities from online games, shopping, gambling and job services to create its own eco-system.

'Virtual world' 

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The Smart City Eco team says it will use existing markets and industries to bring about smarter economic progress and new technology, creating a ‘virtual world backed by SCE token and by people’ – a  ‘one stop shop’ that encompasses recruitment, shopping and gaming solutions and exchanges that convert crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat.

Although the ICO has come under some criticism for not having enough detail in its whitepaper and for the lack of incentives for token holders, there appears to be many positives to the proposition. 

For example, the cold storage offline wallet facility for tokens ensures they are safe from potential hacking and the decentralized exchange it lists as one of its objectives allows for a multitude of currencies to be used, including fiat currencies.

There is also a choice of games for gambling using SCE tokens and consumers will benefit from online shopping facilities akin to ebay and Amazon, as well as the opportunity to join a social community. A key objective of the vision is  recruitment, where employees will get paid in SCE tokens.


In its whitepaper, Smart Cities Eco says that through decentralization it wants to address some of the issues associated with crypto, for example, unreliability and a deregulated market. It wants to assist people who are not as knowledgeable with crypto currencies and have problems with installing applications and knowing where to spend their tokens.

April 4th marks the start of the ICO when a limited number of SCE tokens will be issued. The exchange rate for ETH and BTC for the SCE token will determined when the funds are released. One SCE is equal to $ 0.01.