Google shares news: Tech giant changes election advert purchase rules

on May 8, 2018

Google shares ended a little higher in the US Monday ahead of the tech giant’s annual developer festival. The global business also announced last week new rules for its election advert purchase process to help improve the integrity of the political ads it approves and carries.

Google shares closed 0.8% higher at $1,059.46, in the US Monday. However, after-hours activity currently has the stock in the red.

New Google election ad rules

Sundar Pichai’s tech giant said it is adding new details to its US election advert submission process. This is designed to improve transparency and to help the business be more certain that adverts related to US elections are being placed by US citizens, or those with the legal right to remain in the country.

“That means advertisers will have to provide a government-issued ID and other key information,” said Google’s senior vice president, Kent Walker. “To help people better understand who is paying for an election ad, we’re also requiring that ads incorporate a clear disclosure of who is paying for it.”

In addition to that new measure, Google said it will also publish a new Transparency Report later this year. The Report will detail:

  • Who is buying election ads.
  • How much money is spent on election advertising on the Google platform.    

The Report won’t just help readers of it understand more about the US election advert market. Google said it will use the results of the repot to further improve its election ad process.

“As we learn from these changes and our continued engagement with leaders and experts in the field, we’ll work to improve transparency of political issue ads and expand our coverage to a wider range of elections,” Walker said.

Annual developer event

Tuesday May 8th marks the beginning of Google’s annual developer conference in Mountain View, California.

Google I/O 2018 will be live streamed by the tech giant. And, while its primarily an event aimed at developers, its likely there will be a number of hints about the future of android phones, Google search engine and also other Google hardware.