Upcoming ICO: Introducing Plentix, the blockchain-based referral platform

on Jul 19, 2018
Updated: Jun 1, 2022

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ICO details

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Plentix’s token sale will commence on July 25 and finish on August 8, unless the hard cap is reached before then.

The company aims to raise $24 million during its ICO by selling 400 million of its native ‘REFER’ token at around ten cents a piece.

See below for token allocation pie-chart:

“We are raising $24M in ETH/BTC/BCH – price of each REFER is around $0.10 so we will circulate and intend to sell 400,000,000 REFERs.

Plentix supporters and investors will have the option to buy REFERs with ETH, BTC, LTC or Fiat (e.g. USD) at Plentix’s website in pre-TGE and public sale.

Plentix’s core value proposition is centered on the development of a stable, scalable, reliable and distributed platform for the referral economy.

Therefore, we anticipate allocating at least 30% of the funds raised to support and pay for our development efforts.

The second biggest spend in our fund allocation is business growth, marketing and communications (marcomm).

We allocate 40% of our funds for this activity, as the importance of marketing a referral platform is not to be underestimated.

The remaining 30% of the funds will be allocated to cover operations, legal, compliance, internal audit controls and team compensation incentives.

In terms of timing, our pre-sale activity is going to end when the cap is reached or 2 weeks after the start date.

We anticipate reaching out to selected accredited investors to participate in Plentix and purchase REFER with 25% bonus for the pre-TGE.

We will also have a referral program in the pre-TGE and TGE with referral bounties for up to 5% of the allocated REFERs.”

About Plentix

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Plentix is a referral/reward platform which connects and rewards participating users quickly and efficiently – providing businesses and developers with a low cost (almost free), trusted referral/reward platform.

Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive awards in the form of discounts or commission.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Company type: Privately Held
  • Company size: 2-10 employees

What Plentix says

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The advent of cryptocurrencies and the tokenized economy makes it possible to re-imagine the entire value chain of consumer, products, and producers from a referral perspective.

Presenting Plentix, a tokenized platform that enables users to refer other users to a business entity and enables business entities to leverage existing APIs for industry specific referrals and allows for safe, secure, trustless value exchange to take place.

Unlike other referral platforms, Plentix unleashes the potential of a new global ecosystem to monetize referrals for every stakeholder, from the producer to the consumer.

For more info on the Plentix project, please refer to the whitepaper


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