Upcoming ICO: ONe Network is days away from launching pre-sale

on Oct 1, 2018
Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A social blockchain ecosystem

The new blockchain based platform from ONe Network, uses the latest technologies, including blockchain and Dapp to provide a wide range of services. It has built-in privacy and security features, so users don’t have to worry about their personal and private information being used and users can control their data on a ‘level never seen before’, according to the ONe Network team.

‘Revolutionizing’ social media

ONe Network says that both blockchain and cryptocurrencies are capable of ‘revolutionizing’ the way in which people interact on social media, the key being individual ownership of data and self-governance. Its platform is designed to reinstate privacy, control and freedom to users and improve the overall social media experience. 

It reports that out of the 3.77 billion poeple that use the internet and the 2.70 billion who use social media, only 3.2 million are engaging with cryptocurrencies which creates a gap. It points to a greater need for privacy following large-scale hacks which has led to a bigger demand for personal data control which it envisages will rise.


As well as providing its users with controllable social channels, ONe’s offering supports a token and a market that facilitates individual growth. Its ONebit Token (OBT) which is ERC20 compliant, supports new decentralized applications and works alongside major crypto wallet providers.

ICO details

The pre ICO price is 1 ONeBit token = 0.2 USD and the main ICO price is 1 ONeBit = 0.4 USD. Currencies accepted are ETH, BTC, LTC and Fiat. There is a softcap of 2,500,000 USD and a hardcap of 36,000,000 USD. The presale will last until November 9th and the main ICO will run from November 27th until January 22nd.