Upcoming ICO: Verifier connects ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ worlds

By: Alison Bishop
Alison Bishop
Alison is our leading cryptocurrency ICO reporter, boasting a technical development background and over 6 years working with blockchain… read more.
on Oct 12, 2018

Verifier is a blockchain solution that verifies events, deals and data with precision and reliability. It is a fact-checking system usable for a number of different kinds of data verification. It plans to solve the problems of mistrust for people and businesses using remote communication.


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The Verifier whitepaper begins with an insightful question: “In an age when almost all products and services can be accessed online, without geographical or political boundaries, how can you possibly know which businesses or private individuals to trust? What if there was a way to check almost any fact or claim made by businesses, or even the identity of an individual from the convenience of your home or office? “

How does it work?

Verifier says that its service is designed for two main markets, business to business and person to person. The Verifier system works using either mobile or desktop applications and uses ‘Verifier agents’ who are randomly chosen when a task is created in the APP, the verifier provides proof in the form of a photo, video or other relevant materials.  The content is transferred to the client and a transaction hash is stored in the blockchain. In a similar way to how Uber operates, direct deals are facilitated between clients and verifiers with anyone, business or individual, able to be a verifier.

The system can be used in banks to identify clients, online stores to verify goods, delivery confirmations, registrations and more.

ICO details

The ICO will run from November 15th until December 15th. The total amount of tokens is 690,000,000 and the initial token price is $0.1000. Token type is ERC20. Verifier states that one token is equal to the minimum cost of an application for verification, 1 VRF = $0.1. The token will be used for payments between platform users.



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