Upcoming ICO: Agora’s digital voting platform

on Oct 19, 2018
Updated: May 24, 2024

Set up in 2015, Agora which is made up of experienced cryptographers and security scientists, has created an end-to-end voting solution aimed at governments and institutions that will disrupt existing slow and costly systems. Based on blockchain, the voting platform will serve as a secure and inexpensive platform to help engage voters.

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Tamper-proof and transparent

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In its whitepaper, Agora says that its system is ‘tamper proof’ and offers ‘full transparency’ to voters as well as the general public and third-party voters. It says,

“Our team is passionate about spreading fair and transparent elections around the world, and we believe Agora has the potential to offer great value for global human rights.”


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Agora says its mission is to ‘spread fair and transparent elections around the world with end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting technology. It says it incorporates transparency, privacy, affordability, accessibility and integrity in order to ensure a ‘free and fair election’. The use of blockchain means that secure records can be generated which ensures the anonymity of participants. partnership

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In September, Agora announced that it was working in partnership with trading platform and ICO consulting service,, which will be working with it throughout the remainder of its ICO, helping it to strengthen its network.

Following this, the two will work on integrating Agora’s verifiable digital voting protocol in order to provide fair and transparent voting for users.

A news article on Agora’s website features a quote from Will Corkin, director of consulting and strategy at, who says,

“It is exciting to see a blockchain-based solution pave the way for safer, more transparent and immutable elections. We are working very closely with the team at Agora and have full confidence in the capabilities and expertise of the Agora team in disrupting the voting industry through their blockchain technology.”

ICO details

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The ICO token price is 1 VOTE = 0.0510 USD and there is a fundraising goal of 20,000,000 USD. The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000 with 50% available for token sale. No exact dates have been confirmed for the token sale yet.


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