ICO News: Thai authorities issue warning re nine ICOs

ICO News: Thai authorities issue warning re nine ICOs

An SEC investigation found that there have been posts on social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, publicly promoting investment in digital assets and ICO offerings.

The coins are not registered as securities with the SEC and no attempt has been made by any of the respective organizers to apply for SEC approval.

It seems likely that the projects would not meet the requirements necessary to achieve SEC approval and, as such, the financial watchdog has advised investors to steer clear of the nine projects (listed below).

We were only able to find information on the first four coins so it seems likely that the others are now dead projects.

The ones we were unable to find information on have been tagged as ‘DEAD’.



OFC Coin

  • Tripxchain Coin (TXC Coin) – DEAD
  • Thundercoin (TUC) – DEAD
  • G2S Expert ICO – DEAD
  • Singhcom Enterprise ICO – DEAD
  • Adventure hostel Bangkok ICO – DEAD
  • Kidstocurrency ICO – DEAD

By Gerelyn Terzo
I have over 5 years experience in blockchain technology. I dive into new blockchain technology and report upcoming ICOs.
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