Upcoming ICO: BlooCYS to launch ICO

Upcoming ICO: BlooCYS to launch ICO

ICO details

What is BlooCYS?

BlooCYS – Experts at your fingertips is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform that uses real-time video to revolutionise the way people access, and offer, consultancy services.

It is an expertplace, where Customers can find experts at their fingertips, while Providers, the experts in platform can use their skills to earn additional income from anywhere at any time.

Built of the new model of decentralisation and tokenisation, BlooCYS’s real-time video capability, user verification and review, comprehensive searchable directory of services by experts, blockchain technology for transparency and smart contracts with underlying token, gives this platform the potential to revolutionise and optimise the way people access, and offer, expert services.

What BlooCYS says

BlooCYS platform is blockchain-based real-time video consultancy platform where all users come together in an ecosystem.

It is an expert place where users will be able to publish services associated with their expertise and skills.

In BlooCYS platform, users IDs are verified and skills are validated.

This unique mechanism provides peace of mind for users looking for expert in our platform and at the same time give the opportunity to anybody to publish or advertise service at his term in platform.

“Our Choose Your Service” means any Customer can choose any service published by Provider in our platform and in parallel any Provider can publish service according to his skill

  • Website: http://www.bloocys.com
  • Headquarters: Singapore, Singapore
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Company size: 11-50 employees

By Gerelyn Terzo
I have over 5 years experience in blockchain technology. I dive into new blockchain technology and report upcoming ICOs.
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