ICO News: Reddit user uncovers crypto crime ring

ICO News: Reddit user uncovers crypto crime ring

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Feel like I’m in a Hitchcock movie…

All started by trying to find out whats happening to a bad ICO investment and it points to what looks like network of criminal activity. I dont want to be involved but feel I better get the proper authorities to take this seriously and put these criminals where they belong.

Really looking for any help or advice what to do.

ACChain and Puyin Coin were ICO scams from China. They took > $60M USD (some estimates $100M+) of investor money, 6 arrests were made in Shenzhen China earlier this year, and most associated people disappeared. This was reported in Chinese media as Puyin Coin but the connection to ACChain wasn’t made clear and it didn’t get picked up outside China.

Some links (google translate does an OK job)




“Police also urged other fugitive suspects to surrender as soon as possible”

Some not too bright or super greedy members of the project tried to keep the ACChain part of scam going even after the exit and arrests presenting on social media as everything is cool and while the old dumster is still smokin’ they are even trying to roll out a third new scam and clearly have money coming in.



Genevieve Leveille and Serena Yin

(admitted in own response and validated as the actual people and this is not a Doxing because they put their own names in the post and website etc) Leveille and Yin took control of the ACChain project around January 2018 around the time the original management fled but prior to the China arrests.




Leveille has widely claimed on social media and at blockchain events to have raised $23M into a new related venture called Biolifechain.io. The detail of biolifechain would never justify even a $2M presale so it was either a lie or part of a scheme to launder some of the ACChain or Puyin Coin missing funds.


Leveille set up 3 new UK companies plus one in the tax haven of Jersey, and information suggests a number of others in Switzerland, Hong Kong and probably elsewhere. These new companies were all set up at around the same time China police were investigating and making arrests





My original intention was to publish all the details we found online as a warning but the more I uncovered about this pair the more it looked like serious criminal activity that warrants a federal investigation probably in multiple countries. On top of obvious fraud and securities violations it seems to involve money laundering and tax evasion. I think it needs to be looked at urgently while they are still pushing that latest scam. No expectation of investors getting anything back but just stopping more people getting ripped off would be cool.

Leveille, Yin and a group of their supporters (being investigated now and soon to be named and shamed) are also clearly not satisfied with what they took so far and are starting and participating in at least 9, yes NINE other ICO scams.

I’m not sure who or where (8 possible locations) to report this and really need local legal advice… PLEASE HELP!

1- Genevieve Leveille and Serena Yin both appear or appeared to live, work or study in the UK at least partially, and Leveille is a director of many UK companies and two ICO’s and has addresses there. Doubtful they pay tax anywhere but UK should want to look at their tax.

2- Serena Yin appears to be Chinese national and the biggest scams were original China based. China police (Nanshan District, Shenzhen and later Beijing) are already be engaged and made arrests but our PI advised us with that amount of money Police may have likely been paid to turn a blind eye for some perpetrators.

3- There is a potential money trail leading to Jersey (UK, not NY one) and a company called “ACChain Technology International Services” and Genevieve Leveille uses a number of Jersey addresses so may live or work there. There also appears to be legal action against Leveille in Jersey based on a notice in Jersey papers

4- Genevieve Leveille claims a US passport holder or citizen and many things she did are crimes in the states but we have nothing to link her to a US address, no credit history or employment. She put Columbia University on linkedin but could not be verified or find any photo or anything so probably faked.

5- There are lawsuits against Genevieve Leveille in Singapore and two of her latest ICO Scams appear to be based in Singapore and there were notices in singapore papers too

6- Many of the ACChain and Biolifechain related companies link back to Hong Kong

7- One of her ICO’s seems to be Nigeria based and shes supposed to be from Nigeria but everyone knows the Nigeria police wont do shit.

8- The biolifechain ICO has many links and references to Switzerland and there have been a few pointers of money movement there.

All this has been uncovered with just a few grand for a private Investigator, a bit of searching and many tips from people that read the thread and chipped in. We probably only see the tip of the iceberg and there may be many more scams and ICO’s to find with a more effort.

Full Background

Full disclosure, I got eyes on this shitshow because I invested a few grand in ACChain during the ICO phase mid 2017. I invest in a bunch of ICO’s lost that sort of money a dozen times I would normally not give a shit.

I took a close look of this first because of the fucked up responses they gave on Telegram when the project clearly had stalled or something wrong. Normally an exit scam completely disappear and a failed project will admit some difficulty. This was different. In July got invited to a private group of pissed off investors who showed evidence that valid questions were being censored and users blocked. It was clear something was getting covered up.

Since January 2018 it could be clearly seen in GIT (the public source code repository) that no development was going on, the team listed on the website apart from Leveille had not been seen or heard of in public for months, but social media kept posting that the project was still going strong and claiming faked awards and other stuff. There was no mention of anyone leaving, any trouble, hacking, nothing.They always said “there will be a new release in a few weeks the developers are hard at work” but this shit went on for over 6 months and you could see its a lie because nothing in GIT and nobody trading it.

What really pissed me is the arrogant and dismissive way Leveille and her admin Robin dealt with investors. Frequently deleting critical posts and in one case referring to someone that asked questions as “he is a small little man who should not have invested what he could ill afford to loose”. Well fuck that attitude when you’re living high off the guys money, so in June I dropped a few grand to get a Hong Kong PI to find out what really happened.

The PI connected Puyin Coin owners directly to ACChain via a string of China and HK companies, found the offices which were hastily evacuated got photos, got a bunch of other details on the original team and other evidence clearly showing it all to be a multi part scam. Can read a lot more detail in the other posts.

The PI did warn us that they were threatened by mafia like people in the course of this investigation. There is well over $60M USD taken so it is very likely some people they do not want to be uncovered and may have bribed China police already. The PI seriously advised us and the other investors to remain anonymous and avoid China. Consider the threats to be very serious even life threatening and this comes from a proper PI.

I shared some the information I had with the investors and posted on reddit and then things got interesting…


When the first empty office photos were posted (which are exactly the register China company offices) the ACChain Telegram admins (Wallace and Robin) tried to claim it was all FAKE NEWS and strongly insisted that the project was still going but could not substantiate a thing they said. When investors quizzed the ACChain social media team they were evasive or just blocked or censored the investor.

This was so fucked up because they were clearly caught red handed, but they kept trying to keep the scam going for unknown reasons. Days later under pressure to give any evidence they finally posted old photos of the development team “at work” as their “proof”. Turned out (own admission) the social media team had never been to China or seen the actual office, they just got paid by Leveille and Yin to keep the social media going and had no connection to the devs or anyone.

In the photo, our PI identified one former employee that they had interviewed in person, she had left ACChain in 2017, so the photo they were using as “proof” was old and proved the opposite. They were trying too hard to keep the cover up.

Investors challenged the ACChain team to refute any of this with real evidence and they always got censored or blocked. ACChain were asked to post a video or anything to back up their story which would be so fucking easy if anything they said was true.

The photos of the scammers and more of the details the PI dug up were then posted on reddit and got a lot of attention and thousand plus upvotes.


Then rather than disappear Genevieve Leveille doubled down again…

ACChain posted a hurried ‘explanation’ on medium on August 10 and paid for it to be republished on a few blockchain websites, they try to say the details posted on reddit were factually incorrect and they tried to put up a cover story. But they gave no evidence other than a story, and if what they say is true it would be so easy to back it up with evidence.


https://twitter.com/GinouInLondon/status/1027979409763061761 Leveille posted on twitter and even said this

#Vote up this article #help put to #shame #cowards get the #truth-out”

This explanation was transparent as fuck. It was immediately debunked and only sunk them deeper. A cover story intended to fool anyone that didn’t know the real ACChain history.

1- claimed

“From January 2018 the business started formally restructuring”

management changed and Genevieve Leveille and Serena Yin claim they were brought in to lead the global development strategy.Obvious coverup because there was no mention of any restructure at the time in January. All through 2018 they claimed the opposite. the key people were due at events (no evidence) and team were still at work (with no updates on GIT)So this is perhaps the only explanation they could make up after the scam was exposed. If it was a restructure then why not get the original team to announce it, oh yeah because they’re in Jail or hiding from police.

2- claimed

“ACChain was working with a reduced team when a cyber-attack took place in April 2018”

and they were investigating and refunding coins.This was never admitted back in April, so if it did happen they covered it up for 3 months. A lot of people on telegram did claim missing coins but they did not get any explanation and the questions were censored or deleted. The way coins were taken clearly pointed to an inside job as it had access to wallet keys, so it was probably the original team coming back to raid the coffers or Levelle and Yin taking it themself.

3- Claimed

“hundreds of thousands of voters who voted for ACChain to win the Chainnews 2018 Blockchain Star award in Asia”.

This is not possible. Hundreds of thousands voting has NEVER happened in a blockchain competition. Why would a largely unknown coin get so many votes? Obviously, they paid for the award or used bots or a script to cheat the system.Either way trying to validate themselves with this and the IDAXC was clearly desperation.

4- Claimed

“In January 2018, ACChain also received accreditation from IDAXC — the global decentralized digital asset management organisation”

Which turns out to be a non-existent organization with website under construction. http://idaxc.org/Why post a fake organization as validation when you’re trying to clear your name?


If you google ACChain you see that most of the media picked up the real story and exposed the scam, except ONE

A few days after posting on medium all communication from ACChain stopped. It appears the social media team finally figured out they we’re being scammed too.

What all the investors and now the crypto world could not understand is why after the scam had clearly been uncovered did Genevieve Leveille and Serena Yin go to such effort to try to keep the scam going.

Thanks to the original telegram article a lot of people helped answer that too.

Genevieve Leveille is involved in at least 9 other ICO scams and she is flying around the world speaking at events pushing them as much as possible. It suggest she is trying to cash out all these other scams as quickly as she can before the ACChain story and her history gets too widely known. She may be a few months away from disappearing forever back to Nigeria or wherever so got to get her investigated quick.

https://cdcctop.io/team – Genevieve Leveille – Founder

https://www.biolifechain.io/team – Genevieve Leveille – CEO this seems to be the big one.

https://www.btcdsc.com/dsc.pdf – Genevieve Leveille – Project Consultant

https://decentralized.id/ – Genevieve Leveille – CEO (removed in Jan 2018)

https://www.bitnavigator.org/en/index.htm – Genevieve Leveille – COO

https://showhand.io/ Genevieve Leveille – Advisor

http://www.hcmcoin.online/ Genevieve Leveille – Advisor

https://titaproject.io/ Genevieve Leveille – Advisor

https://themis.network/en.html Genevieve Leveille – Advisor

Most of these are scams they have not raised significant amounts and done nothing. Themis has some real technology and seems to be raising tens of millions and there is the feel of ACChain about it. Themis refused to comment about how deeply involve Leveille and got evasive about her involvement then removed reference to her. Themis might be the legitimate one of the 9 but this should be enough to avoid them. Themis just removed all the adviser names from their whitepaper so maybe a way to quietly distance themselves from Leveille. The waybackmachine never forgets though.

The PI could find little background information on Serena Yin like a ghost they said, Genevieve Leveille appears to have a history of scams and crime long before she became involved in ICO scams. The PI found newspaper notices regarding legal action for IP violations and securities fraud in papers in Singapore, UK and Jersey from July to September 2017.

A person claiming to be her former co-worker from a bank in the UK said that around October 2017 Leveille was desperately trying to borrow money from anyone to her to pay legal costs claiming she was victim of people ripping her off but soon she was coming into big money. A few months later she was living the high life and pretty clear she learned how to do ICO scams.

Leveille is supposed to be a US Citizen of Nigerian origin. Leveille frequently still claims to be founder of UK company 0tentic8 Ltd which Leveille and a partner Duane Gafoor of Hong Kong incorporated in December 2016 and dissolved in August 2017.


Despite having dissolved 0tentic8 Leveille still claims everywhere to be “CEO 0tentic8” or “CEO AgriLedger” in her profile and at events (Seems she left AgriLedger in 2016)






By Gerelyn Terzo
I have over 5 years experience in blockchain technology. I dive into new blockchain technology and report upcoming ICOs.
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