Upcoming ICO: Introducing EthicHub

on Nov 7, 2018
Updated: Oct 10, 2019

ICO details
  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 million ETX
  • ICO DATE: November, 2018
  • DURATION: One month

What is EthicHub?

Ethic Hub is a transnational decentralised Crowd-Lending platform that directly connects investors from around the world with groups of small unbanked farmers which are selected by a Local Node (project collector) based on their trust circles, democratising the access to financing and allowing money to have no borders.

Detected business opportunity consists on contacting groups of small farmers from developing countries who currently offer to pay high interest for cash loans without leaving record of such payment history, with investors in markets with excess liquidity, allowing investors to obtain high returns for their money and at the same time, provide better interest rates for farmers.

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This is possible due to the difference in the cost of money in their respective economic zones. These farmers do not have access to banking and due to the lack of private capital available in their geographical area, they must bid to get it, because the lender has limited capital.

This means that they offer to pay interest even higher than 120% per year in order to obtain the required financing, because their crops generate enough benefits to cover it, even if their own profit gets reduced.

What EthicHub says

EthicHub aims, through the use of technology and cryptocurrencies, to help eliminating major barriers to global flow of capital by contacting investors in developed countries (with low yield regarding the excess of liquidity), to solvent borrowers in developing countries (with low liquidity and high interest rates), benefiting both parties by obtaining higher yields and lower interest rates respectively.

Regulatory barriers have so far hindered the development of transnational crowd-lending platforms, so we believe a fully decentralized system (DAO) will facilitate global transactions between investors and borrowers.

Thanks to the low cost of system use and thanks to the community of project collectors, which allows reliably validation of identity and moral quality of borrowers, the model allows access to 2.000 million unbanked people to the to financial sector.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Madrid
  • Year founded: 2017
  • Company size: 2-10 employees
  • Specialties: blockchain, crypto-economy, crowd-lending, decentralization, human based economics, unbanked, crypto investment, and fintech