Expect these three IPOs this week, Nasdaq says

Expect these three IPOs this week, Nasdaq says
Written by:
Damian Wood
27th January, 10:51
Updated: 27th January, 10:52
  • Nasdaq says the market should expect five new IPOs this week.
  • The regulator said Reynolds Consumer, One Medical, Black Diamond Therapeutics, Arcutis Biotherapeutics, and Avadim Health would be hitting the market in the week.
  • Reynolds’ IPO will be the first billion-dollar listing this year.

Nasdaq has just confirmed that this week brings with it a total of six new listings: One of the companies will be going public through a SPAC while the other five will be issuing IPOs.

The US regulator has also said that the week will see one of the biggest Initial Public Offerings hit the market, with a potential of raising about $1.25 billion. Reynolds Consumer Products, a leading manufacturer of household goods, will be leading the pack with its $1.25 billion listing, after a rough IPO market last year.

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Reynolds’ floatation will be the first billion-dollar listing this decade, even as the market awaits other significant unicorns to spruce things up as the year rolls out.

With that, here are three notable IPOs to look out for this week, according to Nasdaq:

Reynolds Consumer Products 

The Illinois-headquartered household products producer filed its Form 1-S last year in September, and according to US regulator Nasdaq, the company has finalised its paperwork and is expected to debut the markets any time this week.

It plans to raise $1.25 billion after settling at a market valuation of $5.4 billion.

Sources indicate that Reynolds is looking to float about 23% of its shares to raise funds to ease its borrowed financing.

The retail firm is fairly-leveraged and shows evidence of strong cash flows. The sizeable retail operator is believed to have a product presence in at least 95% of American homes, and it will be trading under the ticker “REYN”.

One Medical

1Life Healthcare or One Medical will this week start trading under the ticker “ONEM” on Nasdaq. The Medicare firm features 77 membership-focused branches across the US.

One Medical is planning to raise a total of $263 million at a market valuation of $2.1 billion.

While the firm is recording decent revenue figures, its losses are still a matter of concern to many.

The firm is backed by big names in the investment space, including Carlyle and Benchmark.

Black Diamond Therapeutics 

Founded in 2014 in Massachusetts, United States, this Precision Oncology Medical company will be trading on Nasdaq after successfully submitting its IPO prospectus last year. At a valuation of $572 million, the biotech firm seeks to raise about $151 million from the market.

Black Diamond is looking to reinvent the Small Molecule and Tumor-Agonistic Therapies.

While its research is still at the early stages, biotechnology companies have been some of the well-received listings in the markets globally.

The firm’s shares will be trading under the ticker “BDTX”.

Other listings expected on Nasdaq this week include Arcutis Biotherapeutics (ARQT) and Avadim Health (AHI).

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