London gets a new digital multi-asset exchange for professionals

Written by Ali Raza
April 16, 2020
  • A new multi-asset crypto exchange, MAX Markets Limited, is about to launch its services in London.
  • The exchange currently waits for the FCA approval, and it plans to offer quite a developed ecosystem.
  • The exchange will also act as a bridge between traditional and digital finance, with a unique design.

London recently saw a launch of a new multi-asset crypto exchange, MAX Markets Limited (MAX). The new exchange aims to offer services to professional crypto investors. It provides regulated access to the crypto marketplace, and it waits for the approval of the FCA.

The new exchange will allow its clients to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and similar assets. It will also offer high security and trades via regulated channels.

MAX will offer a new approach

The exchange’s approach clearly shows the shift between traditional and digital exchanges. MAX differs from other exchanges in several ways. For example, in the current market, investors have to pre-fund their digital activity. Meanwhile, their inventory remains immobilized. It ends up locked in a closed ecosystem that the exchange chooses.

MAX approaches things differently by providing inventory mobility. It also provides a familiar market structure, and access to third-party crypto exchanges and custodians. Meanwhile, it also allows access to fiat banking. In other words, it offers the best of both world, and acts as a bridge between the traditional and modern digital finance.

MAX spent a better part of last year trying to access different opportunities. At the same time, it worked on developing a new concept, and building a proper supporting infrastructure. Recently, it even applied for the MTF license with the FCA.

The exchange’s ecosystem will actually include three different exchanges. Apart from the one in London, it will also have two others in Switzerland and Asia. In addition, it will also have a guarantee fund, as well as its own custodian.

The exchange has many trustworthy officials

The exchange also has a professional team, including Scott Riley, who acts as a Chief Post Trade Officer. Riley commented on his role by saying “I am delighted to participate in this unique opportunity as digital is a hugely exciting market development and it is here to stay. Participants want access and product, customers want certainty and recourse and we’re just giving them the technology and governance to achieve that for this new asset class in a framework they are familiar with.

Some other well-known names include Dr. Iain Saville who acts as Chairman, Director John Holland, and Director June Aitken. Meanwhile, some of the founding shareholders of the firm include GMEX Holdings Ltd., and DAG Global.

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